Sleep After the Snooze Button Leads to Exhaustion

Jessica Hoppe

You know that extra 15, 30, even 60 minutes we try to sneak in every morning after hitting the snooze? Studies found it could actually be making you MORE exhausted.Dr. Edward Stepanski, who has studied sleep fragmentation at theRush University Medical Center in Chicago,reports that short bouts of sleep have a diminished restorative value most especially in short increments such as when you snooze and sleep.

According to researchers, most people function in a “sleep deprived state” compensating for sleep with various stimuli such as caffeine, exercise or just constantly remaining busy. But coping and more importantly working through “sleep debt” can lead to a lack of productivity.

How so you ask?

Dr. Roehrs recently conducted a study to measure the exact effects of sleep deprivation on decision making and risk taking. As you can imagine, the study revealed disruptions tomemory, reaction time, comprehension and attention. Many also became irritable and showed signs of increased depression.

So if you’re missing sleep you better get back on track. Beauty isn’t the only benefit. Just as you mind your credit debt as you should your sleep debt. Take these simple steps to get the perfect sleep score:

Bedtime Isn’t Just For Kids

Forget late night television. That’s why TiVo was invented. Get to bed an hour earlier and you will awake refreshed.

Shut Down The Engines

I am definitely guilty of falling asleep with the television on. I drive my sister/roommate crazy with it. If you have trouble sleeping, a good thing to so is turn off all stimulation—lights, television and lie in bed with eyes closed for one minute.


If your difficulty sleeping persists at night wake up early and experience morning light to reset the body clock. This will cause your body to become tired earlier and make falling asleep seamless.

Only Set a 10 Minute Snooze Window

I know those extra minutes of post snooze slumber feel like a dream but they’re not. So set your alarm clock for JUST 10 minutes earlier than the optimal wake-up time. Only allowing yourself a single opportunity to press the snooze button will get you popping out of bed with the quickness. Thus, providing the most restorative period of solid sleep.