Binge-Watching TV? This New Tumblr Tells You Which Episodes are OK to Skip

Fact: Even the finest television shows have boring episodes that don’t really contribute much to the overall plot. But when you’re enmeshed in a binge-watching session it kind of feel like cheating to start hitting fast forward at the first sign of a snoozy plotline. That’s an issue that Skippable—a new Tumblr—plans to fix.

twin peaks

Feel free to skip Episodes 18 through 29 of “Twin Peaks,”

As Fast Co. pointed out, Skippable mostly focuses on nerd-loved, culty procedural fare like “Dr. Who,” “Twin Peaks,” and “Buffy,” as opposed to super-serialized programs. Basically, shows that often introduce episode-length story lines to the overall plot, but that get wrapped up fairly quickly. There is mention of ‘The Wire” and “Breaking Bad,” both of which the site says aren’t very skippable, but lays out a few suggestions if you simply cannot watch every episode.

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Skippable only launched a few days ago, so we’re eager to see what types of new shows are added to the roster.