Skinny Leg Jean Envy


The other day my roommates came home from a shopping excursion at American Apparel. We briefly mused over David’s peach plummeting v-neck t-shirt– how it is physically possible that his v-neck dives so much lower than anyone else’s is a mystery. Then, from his shopping bag David excitedly presents his major find: mineral wash black and white skinny leg jeans, undoubtedly the quintessential 1980s jean.

The only reservation I had about this bangin’ pair of jeans: David (who was born wearing skinny legged pants) just bought the same pair of jeans I bought three months ago but had yet to muster the courage to wear.  Curse your surprising but inevitable betrayal, American Apparel unisex jeans! The unisex jeans are essentially men’s pants with additional women’s sizes; having the zipper start at my navel should have been the tip off that maybe these were not really meant for me.

In the end, David looks amazing in them especially when he pairs the pants with a “geek chic” airbrushed computer t-shirt as he did while performing with French Horn Rebellion at the American Eagle Music Festival. Meanwhile, I’m super stoked to see American Apparel is offering a wholly girl short version of the pants. Win win win!