New Technology Promises To Make You Look Slimmer in Your Skinny Jeans

Valeria Nekhim
J Brand Photo ready Jeans

J Brand 811 Photo Ready Mid-Rise Skinny Leg

Despite the somewhat misleading name, skinny jeans don’t always make you look any slimmer. Some brand-new technology, however, promises to change that.

Eighteen months ago Isko, a denim mill near Istanbul, developed new technology to create not just skinny jeans but “make-you-skinny jeans.” According to an article in The Guardian, the mill came up with a new super-stretch denim which uses spring-like construction that’s hidden within the cotton yarn. Simply put, it’s the love child of blue jeans and Spanx.

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Naturally, denim companies have been quick to embrace the technology, and customers needed little convincing. Ever since J Brand came out with their Photo Ready Jeans that promise to make the wearer appear two sizes smaller, they’ve been flying off the shelves at Matches, a British boutique, despite the lowest price being $200.

Mih Body Con Jeans

MiH Bodycon Jean

Matches has also had trouble keeping MiH‘s new Boydcon jean in stock. Jessica Lawrence, director of design and development at the cult favorite British denim brand spoke about the Bodycon to The Guardian. “The fabric works on the principle of a coiled telephone spring. Your body is pushing against the outline, but the denim is like a phone cord – it keeps springing back into shape,” she explained.

Ilse van Alsenoy, director of women’s merchandising and design Europe for Levi’s, also worked with Isko “to create a high-quality, four-way stretch denim with incredible recovery.” at $98,  Levi’s Revel jeans ring in at a significantly lower price than others in the category, and combine the fabric with “liquid shaping technology.” Apparently it refers to a liquid chemical formula that is applied to the fabric’s interior using a special technique that controls stretch in strategic places like the inner thigh and stomach.

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Jeff Rudes, founder and CEO of J Brand told The Guardian that “this fabric has the guts to make you look slender, but it feels soft, which women care about. There’s no compromise. That’s why it has the best sell-through of any fabric so far.”

Levi's Revel Jeans

Levi’s Revel Jeans

A jean that’s comfortable, stylish, and makes you look more trim is pretty much as good as it gets. Can we get an amen?

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