Skechers Shape-Ups Targets Little Girls, Offensive!


Drum roll please… today’s most inappropriate product award goes to Skechers, who is now advertising their Shape-Up sneakers to little girls. It would be one thing if the company were trying to send a message against childhood obesity, but Skechers currently only makes Shape-ups for girls. What kind of message are they sending to little girls who are already being inundated with images of unrealistic female bodies? Case in point, Kim Kardashian‘s sexed up Skechers Shape-Ups commercial.

The half-naked, sexed-up Kim is all fine and good for adults to drool over, but the fact that the same product featured in those commercials is now being marketed to 12-year-old girls strikes me as absurd. It gets crazier though the stick-thin cartoon girls in the commercial are being chased around by boys dressed as hot dogs, cupcakes and ice cream, while the girls sing:

“Heidi’s got new Shape-ups, got everything a girl wants. She’s got the height, got the bounce, yes, she’s looking good and having fun.”

It’s no wonder parents are speaking out in outrage over the shoes. As if women don’t have to struggle with body image enough in adulthood, now they have to start as children. In response to the complaints, the President of Skechers Fitness Group Leonard Armato said, “The concerns about Shape-ups for Girls are unfounded and way off base. The whole message behind Shape-ups is to get moving, get exercise, and get fit.”

I call bullsh*t! But check out the videos below and decide for yourself. Are little girls being taught a lesson about health or is Skechers simply perpetuating the epidemic of negative body image for girls.

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