Size-24 Woman Calls Out H&M’s Sizing After Struggling to Fit into Size-28 Clothes

Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images.

When Lottie Lamour walked into an H&M in the U.K. on Sunday, she had one goal: to find some cute clothes. Those dreams were dashed, however, when Lamour learned that almost none of the store’s clothes fit her, even the ones that were labeled two sizes larger than what she normally wears.

After her experience, Lamour took to her Twitter to slam H&M’s inaccurate sizing. She proved her case by sharing pictures of a size-28 shirt and shorts, which Lamour, who is a size 24, was unable to fit into. To make matters worse, the size-28 clothes were able to fit her size-16 girlfriend, despite her being six sizes smaller than what was on the label.

“Emma and I went to @hm today so I could look at the plus size range. These items are a size 28. I couldn’t get them on as a size 24 – but my size 16 girlfriend could,” Lamour tweeted. “THAT’S HOW BAD THE SIZING IS.”

Lamour also called out H&M’s plus-size division, which she suspected to be a recycling of smaller sizes with plus-size labels. She also accused H&M of promoting eating disorders and body dysmorphia by forcing customers to shop larger than what they actually are.

“It’s so incredibly dangerous, especially for young people, and those who have eating disorders or body dysmorphia,” Lamour tweeted. “I absolutely struggled in my formative years when my peers were wearing size 10 and in some shops my size 14 body wouldn’t fit in a size 18 item of clothing.

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Lamour wasn’t the only one who hasn’t experienced a disconnect with H&M’s sizing. After her tweets, another customer shared a picture of her wearing size-28 overalls, despite being a size 18. In 2017, another customer shared a picture of size-16 H&M shorts over shorts from Primark of the same size. The picture showed that H&M’s shorts were almost a hand’s width smaller than the size it was actually labeled as. A few months later, another customer slammed H&M after struggling to fit into a size-16 dress despite being a size 12.

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With the number of customers who have complained about H&M’s inaccurate sizing, this cannot be a fluke. There is clearly a disconnect with what H&M’s label reads and size the item actually is. It’s unacceptable. Do better, H&M.