Single and Fabulous: 50 Celebrities Who Prove They Don’t Need A Man

Sarah Barnes

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day has a way of making it seem like the whole world is in love, even if it’s being dictated by Hallmark.

In reality though, February 14 (or “Single Awareness Day” as we like to refer to it) is an opportunity for all of the unattached ladies out there to be reminded of the fabulous benefits  that come with your current relationship status. You can guiltlessly flirt with the hot guy at the bar, you’re  free to watch whatever the hell you want on TV, and you’re able to decorate your apartment any way you want.

All lightheartedness aside, being single as  a young woman can be amazing. Not only do you get to figure out what you’re really looking for in a partner, but you’re able to choose how you live without compromising anything for someone else. Plus, you’re able to dedicate time to getting to know yourself, which is invaluable.

That said, we decided to highlight 50 famous women who are single and fabulous—no question mark (props to you if you got that “Sex and the City” reference, ladies.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

singe and fabulous Single and Fabulous: 50 Celebrities Who Prove They Dont Need A Man