Simple Luxury: Stylist Linda Rodin’s 5 Tips for Streamlining Your Beauty Routine

Blair Pfander

oliolusso Simple Luxury: Stylist Linda Rodins 5 Tips for Streamlining Your Beauty RoutineWith her clean, minimalist packaging and golden-honey color, Linda Rodin’s (pictured below) collection of luxurious hair and face oils—and, more recently, a new signature scent—are mainstays of fashionable and luxe medicine cabinets the world over.
Which is why we were particularly curious about what was in her medicine cabinet. As it turns out, Rodin, who is not only a beauty guru but a famed stylist, prefers to keep her beauty routine—and her toiletries—simple and effective. Here, her five tips for streamlining your daily ‘do.
1. Save Yourself Some Time. “I don’t think a morning routine should take more than two minutes,” exclaims Rodin. “I literally wash my face with warm water, apply two to three drops of my face oil, toss my hair in a ponytail and I’m out the door. I rarely use much makeup, but the exception is a bright pink lip. I love a pink lip.”
2. Match Your Mood. Naturally, Rodin depends on her signature collection of hair and face oils to get through the day—but she also has a beauty secret weapon. “Wilson’s MoodMatcher lipstick,” she says. “I layer it underneath a bright pink Makeup Forever lipstick, number 36. I use the green-looking one, but it’s great, it keeps the pink color on your lips forever.”
rodchance julia leach linda rodin1 Simple Luxury: Stylist Linda Rodins 5 Tips for Streamlining Your Beauty Routine
3. Stick to Your Favorites. “A lot of people will change products with the seasons, but for me, I use the same handfull of products year-round,” Rodin shares. “It’s hard enough finding something that actually works for your skin in the first place. Now that I’ve found mine, I don’t waver.”
4. Know Your Hues. “I don’t know if I would wear bright pink lipstick if I were a blonde,” explains Rodin. “But my hair is white—silver, I should say—and with my skin tone, a hot pink lip just works, and kind of brightens everything up. You have to find the signature color that works for you.”
5. Add a Little Vintage. “I love flea markets and vintage stores,” says Rodin. “My apartment is full of antique finds. I’ll collect little perfume bottles and glass jars and things for scents or oils. I think it adds a more personal feel.”