Simon Doonan And Nicki Minaj Talk Music And Style

Jamie Rose

Simon Doonan has always showed love for women who exude confidence, style and personality. In the latest issue of Paper, the Barney’s Creative-Ambassador at Large interviewed a certain female that fits that exact description: MissNicki Minaj.

While many consider Nicki’s style choices a little too outlandish, Simon is a huge fan of the rapper. He told Nicki that he worships her and thinks her song “Stupid Hoe” was made for him.

As the interview goes more in depth, we learn that Ice Queen Anna Wintour might actually be warm and fuzzy. When asked what it was like sitting next to her last season at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (we’ve all seen the photos), Nicki said, “I thought she would be snobby or something. But she was so incredibly sweet to me.”

A question that Simon had to ask was who Nicki’s style icons are. The answer: Cyndi Lauper and Boy George. These influences are clearly evident whenever the songstress is in front of the camera. And though we’re used to seeing her in over-the-top creations, Nicki keeps it simple but seductive in this shoot.

To see the full spread, grab Paper on February 20.