Simon Doonan Loves Gay Food, Scared Of Deep Fried Chips

Jessica Rubin

Simon Doonan is already one of our favorite people for many, many reasons. As the creative director at Barneys, spouse of Jonathan Adler and all around fashion Renaissance man, Doonan seems to have it all. And now this. His new book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat is shaping up to be a must-read for anyone who likes their goat cheese salads with a side of humor.

In an interview with The New York Times, Doonan discusses his new tome and brings us a large dose of hilarity in his attempt to describe the differences between gay and straight food. “Gay chips are baked. Straight chips are deep-fried. It’s that simple,” he firmly states. When his lunchmate, Jeff Gordinier, dares to order guacamole, believing the myth that the green, delicious vegetable is good for your skin, Doonan dashes his dreams claiming, “Maybe if you apply it topically.”

Doonan expresses relief that the Brits have “gayed up” their food and refers to healthy snacks like wheat germ as eats that live firmly in the “lesbian” realm. His interview with the Times is chock-full of priceless moments like these, and we highly recommend you check out the full piece here. And don’t forget to snag a copy of Doonan’s book when it’s released tomorrow!

Image courtesy of BFA/SIPA.

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