A Silver Lining of Sales


There’s really nothing positive about the state of the economy at this point–nothing good can be said about the official recession and all the job losses, debt, and flailing industry it comes with. BUT if one absolutely HAD to squint really, really hard and find a silver lining (no matter how thin and almost-invisible) I suppose one could cite the unbelievable sales that are going around as a teeny, tiny bright spot in all the darkness. So. Although I rarely write about sales on this blog, I thought I’d make an exception today. Because EVERYONE could use a silver lining right now. Here are sales you’ll find me at this month:

Alexander Wang (!!!!!!!) Sample Sale: December 11th (3-7 pm) and December 12-13 (10-7 pm), 386 Broadway, 6th floor, New York, NY

Charlotte Ronson Sample Sale: December 10-12 (10-7 pm), 1071 Avenue of Americas, suite 301, New York, NY

THREAD Social Private Winter Sale: December 4-5 (9:30-8 pm), 26 West 17th Street, suite 301, New York, NY

AKA New York Fall/Holiday 2008 Sale: December 11th (10-8 pm) and December 12th (10-6 pm), Scarlett Showroom at 584 Broadway, suite 301, New York, NY

Mulberry Sample Sale: December 4-5 (10-6 pm), Metropolitan Pavilion at 123 West 18th Street, 5th floor, New York, NY

Happy Shopping!!! xoxo

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