Sigur Ros Undertakes New Musical Project With Beau


For those who don’t know, Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band that orchestrates ambient music with either Icelandic or nonsense words. Sigur Ros asserts that the lyrics of music should emanate from a person’s personal standpoint- the individual creates the meaning. So that’s why it’s really weird when people sing along at concerts but that’s simultaneously why it’s really amazing when Milo and Otis is cut to Sigur Ros’s music.

Sigur Ros’s front man Jónsi Birgisson is collaborating with his boyfriend Alex Somers on a musical project titled, “Riceboy Sleeps.” Nearly entirely instrumental (so basically Sigur Ros without the lyrics), Riceboy Sleeps was written during the couple’s at home cooking sessions. As Birgisson and Somers explain to Pitchfork, “There’s a computer in our kitchen, so we’d just make dinner and open another song… I would yell at Jónsi to stop blending so I could hear what I was doing sometimes.” This news is almost as precious and endearing as the re-cut Milo and Otis clip.

Although the stateside release date is still unknown, Riceboy Sleeps will be out in the UK on July 20th.