Eight Signs He’s Not Worth Dating

Jamie Rose
Eight Signs He’s Not Worth Dating
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Some like to think that desperate times call for desperate measures. But just because you and a guy are into each other, doesn’t mean that he’s worth dating. Think twice, girls!

We’ve compiled eight signs as to why your maybe soon-to-be BF isn’t worth your time at all. Click through our slide show to see if any of these match your man.

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He’s got commitment issues in general, clearly. If he can’t keep his plans to be with you, how do you think he’ll keep a relationship steady?

This kind of goes with #1. If he can’t plan something a few days in advance, then how can he plan your future together? Spontaneity can be cute but not it occurs weekly.

Been there, done that. This is the worst. A hook up isn’t supposed to have any sort of emotion attached to it, right? This means he’s either attracted to the girl or he still wants to hook up with her.

This trait is cute if his texts or emails are sweet nothings. However, if this is the only time he’s communicating with you, then something must be off. He should have a super-busy job if he can only talk to you at night. Better yet, why doesn’t he just pick up the phone?

Maybe he’s a little insecure about himself and needs a lot of people around him to feel better. Or he’s eyeing other people instead of you.

If this is true for your man, you should be really concerned. Why isn’t he living completely on his own yet or just has one roommate? Does he still think he’s in college? How are you ever going to get alone time with him at his place? You’re going to have to think this situation out.

He needs to realize that you have a life, too. You can’t always be attached at the hip. This could be a warning sign that he’s needy, clingy and acts like a child.

This happened to a friend of mine once. She went on a date with a guy and would wait for him to ask about her. It’d take him almost thirty seconds to finally ask something about her. If it takes him that long, consider him done.

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