Sia Is Unrecognizable with New Dark Brown Hair Color

Sia Is Unrecognizable with New Dark Brown Hair Color
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For years, Sia‘s *natural* hair color was as mysterious as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Given that the 41-year-old wore a face-covering wig for about 99 percent of her public appearances, we couldn’t help but wonder what Sia’s hair looked like au naturel. And while the “Chandelier” singer has def gone sans wig more over the past year and a half, it’s still shocking to see her out and about without her chin-length blonde fringe that hides about two-thirds of her face.

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Well, turns out the joke’s on us. Sia shocked us not once, but twice yesterday when she not only stepped out without a wig, but also debuted an unrecognizable dark brown hair color. Yup. If you’re just tuning in, Sia has ditched her iconic electric blonde (her *real* color) and gone to the dark side.

The power vocalist turned heads yesterday when she strolled through Los Angeles flaunting a super-dark hair color. Though we didn’t get a full glimpse of the singer’s new hair color—her locks were tied in neat bun only giving us a peek—we saw enough to want to see more. (And immediately, preferably.)

So what’s the reason for the dark brown do? While Sia could just be wanting to spend time as a brunette, it’s also likely that the hair is part of her new project with Kate Hudson and Maddie Ziegler, the singer’s “Dance Moms” muse who has appeared in a number of her performances. Recently, Hudson’s dad, Kurt Russell, spilled the beans that his daughter is participating in a new musical directed by the “Cheap Thrills” hitmaker.

“I don’t know if I’m cat out of the bag, if the deal’s not made or anything, but I think that she’s gonna do this musical that Sia is going to direct. That sounds fantastic, so I hope that happens,” he told Harry Connick Jr. on his show “Harry.”

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Regardless of why Sia made the big switch, we’re so glad we’re getting to see her without a wig more and more. (Not that we didn’t like her wigs; they were pretty badass, let’s be real.) Now if she could only let down that bun for a hot second so we can see her new deep brunette shade in all its glory. Baby steps, we guess.