“Sh*t Fashion Girls Say”

Spencer Cain

Ever since “Sh*t Girls Say” went viral a few weeks ago, it seems like everybody is trying to get a piece of the pie. While many groups have been covered, we found that there was a crucial demographic missing: fashion people, specifically those girls who click-clack their way through the day, say things like “totes” and live and die by overly dramatic sighs.

In our office, in our friends’ offices, and even in our frenemies‘ offices (you know, the type that you air kiss when you run into them at the tents during New York Fashion Week), there seems to be some dominant phrases and attitudes that permeate the air.

Thus, we took it upon ourselves to create our own gem. Now, behold: Sh*t Fashion Girls Say. Sure, there’s a lot we couldn’t cover, but we think this is a pretty accurate depiction of what troubles your average drama-stricken fashion girl experiences on a daily basis.

Happy weekend, everyone! Let us know what you think.

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say from StyleCaster on Vimeo.