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StyleCaster’s very own Junior Team Member, Kristina, was the latest to pass through the makeover transformation. Kristina was the ultimate palette for the geniuses at Club Monaco, Mizu Salon, and makeup artist Pamela Taylor to work with. The long and leggy NYU college student had untouched “virgin” hair and gams for days, and she was just dying to show them off!

Check out the slideshow above to learn the tricks of the trade! When it comes down to it, know when and how to highlight your best assets.

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Our Junior Team Member, Kristina, went from casual-cool NYU student to flirty and fun New Yorker.

Kristina poses in her pre-makeover duds. While she looks adorable anyway you spin it, these pieces just weren't highlighting her best features!


The StyleCaster makeover team accompanies Kristina to one of fashion's favorite retailers, Club Monaco. Right away we decided that Kristina wanted to ditch the fully covered up look, and play up her long and lovely gams! Here she peruses the store while trying on some shorter hemlines.

Cute look, but the jacket looks a little heavy for the spring season, so we go on to find something more seasonally appropriate!

HAIR: MIZU New York, 505 Park Avenue @59th Street

Damian Santiago, owner of the Mizu salon, described Kristina’s pre-makeover hair as a long, flat, blank canvas. He decided to adjust the length to a more versatile and workable style, and add more shape and definition around the face. Santiago skillfully cut layers into Kristina’s hair so that it would have more versatility and a modern edge to the overall style.  

Santiago added this tip for women who feel their hair is falling a little flat, “Well, any time your hair is one length, keep in mind that your hair is going to be flat. So the question is to layer or not to layer, and how much. A good consultation with your hairdresser will determine what the right amount of layering is for your texture and facial characteristics.  

For color, StyleCaster turned to expert colorist Moran Gallagher from the Mizu Salon. Gallagher explains her process for Kristina’s hair, “What I decided to do in the end was instead of painting or highlighting I did a single process color treatment. I pulled through two different colors to give subtle dimension without applying true highlights. One color is slightly darker than the other so it appears to be softer and richer. It’s more of an overall color, but with two shades. If Kristina decides to go curly or wavy, the reflection of the light will be stunning.

MAKEUP: Pamela Taylor

Makeup artist, Pamela Taylor, a StyleCaster favorite, examines Kristina’s face shape and evaluates how to apply her makeup based on Kristina’s personal facial structure, “I did a very light taupe and violet glazed lip color with a taupe pencil, and I enhanced her lips because she has very beautiful full lips.  I then brought attention to the center of her eyes because she is a student of journalism, and we spoke about how important eye contact is for someone entering that field.”  

Taylor went on to explain, “Kristina has wide set eyes so what I wanted to do is to show her how to bring her eyebrows to her nose creating a T to bring attention to the center of her face. I mixed gold and black to match the scarf she is wearing, and some contouring on her nose along with highlighting down the center of her face. The focus was brought from her lips to her nose, and then to her eyes creating a T shape to give her more height in her face.

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