Show Me Something New York: William Rabbe, Part 1 of 3

Jessica Hoppe

William Rabbe is a filmmaker and journalist with an enthusiasm for American politics and history. In his work he has interviewed hundreds of political figures, including John McCain, Joe Biden, Michael Dukakis, Steve Forbes, Geraldine Ferraro, and more. He joined StyleCaster and DKNY to tell his New York story.

How long have you lived in the city? I’ve spent the first 6 and last 11 years of my life in the city, but I also grew up in Westchester, which is considered upstate by New Yorker standards. That’s ridiculous since almost all of New York state is “upstate” of the city.

Why do you choose to live in New York? I was born in New York City and I’ve spent most of my life here, so I guess that was luck. However, once you’ve spent any time here it’s easy to become addicted. Andy Warhol would have been really boring if he’d stayed in Pittsburg.

How differently do you now see New York compared to when you first got here? Each part of New York City blends together more than I’d originally thought-walk the whole length of Manhattan and you’ll see a diverse array of neighborhoods, but they don’t seem as cut up as they might when you’re counting the stops on the subway. There may be eight million people in New York, but it feels smaller, warmer and more intimate than you would expect.

How did New York change? Change is a constant in New York. Places always go in and out of favor, but the vibe stays the same. Actually, the Indian name “Manhattan” is thought to translate into “place of general inebriation.” I may be able to attest to that.

The best part of New York is its people-you can hardly go a day without meeting someone new. If facebook did a study of the rate of new friends made by residents of various cities, New York would probably be at the top.

Would you change New York? If so, how? Summers without humidity, more affordable real estate and the completion of the 2nd avenue subway line. The last request is the only one that might actually come true. Otherwise, I wouldn’t change much.

Could you ever leave New York? I am actually in the process of leaving New York for a job. However I remain in spirit.

Do you have a recent “only in New York” anecdote? You can see homeless people with nicer phone models than mine.

What inspires you about New York? The fact that you can spend a lifetime here and not come close to seeing or doing everything the city has to offer. It’s endless.

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