The Fashion Show! 6 Questions For Isaac Mizrahi

Kerry Pieri

Ever since Project Runway ditched out on Bravo, I’ve lost interest in it. The network’s answer to the Lifetime slight was the reality competition episodic The Fashion Show which premiered last year but didn’t get the buzz of its predecessor. The thing with PR was that insidery feeling, that Michael Kors “she looks like a brioche!” humor. Plus nothing against Kelly Rowland, but this industry tends to frown upon those who lack cred, and sitting front row does not quite get you a mention in Vogue if you hear me.

But The Fashion Show premiered its second season last night, got a bit of a revamp and picked up an Iman and Harper’s Bazaar‘s Laura Brown along the way. Isaac Mizrahi is back with his perfectly on pitch cattiness, Iman brings some serious fabulous, and Laura reps the editorial angle. We had a few questions for Isaac about the second coming of The Fashion Show. Read below and let us know, will you be watching?

What can we expect from The Fashion Show this season that’s different from last?
The fact that it’s about houses rather than just designers. Also, Iman makes the show very different and special.

With your experience in fashion shows, what do you think will be the most challenging aspect of putting a new runway presentation on weekly?
I think the designers will be most challenged by the idea of working together.

What do you think the factor of having contestants with more real world fashion experience brings that other shows dont?
I just think the end result will be more gorgeous.

Whats the most fun part of working on the show?
Working with Iman.

The most challenging aspect?
The schedule is the most challenging aspect and the waiting for things.

So can you give us any hints about what’s to come?!
All I will say is the dramatic arc of the show is FABULOUS and it’s MUST-WATCH TV. The week to week is based on gorgeous fashion shows that really show the creative process.

The Fashion Show airs on Bravo Tuesday nights. Check local listings.