Spring Fashion: Elizabeth and James Does 15 Pieces, 15 Ways

Spring Fashion: Elizabeth and James Does 15 Pieces, 15 Ways
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Spring is here, and like every year, people are racing around on the weekends trying to fill in their existing wardrobe holes. The fact of the matter is, you don’t need to purchase an entirely new wardrobe every season. All you really need to do is think strategically, and practically, and before you know it Voil! You’ll have enough looks to get you through the month.

We raided the closet at the Elizabeth and James showroom, and found the perfect on-trend duds to spruce up your look. Leave it to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to know what’s needed to keep you casually-cool. The trick is, find pieces with slight updates like a two-toned blazer, slouchy silk shorts, boyfriend sweaters and super-dramatic wideleg trousers. Don’t go crazy with the in-your-face trends, and stick to staple pieces that can blend easily and play nice with the rest of your existing wardrobe.

To help inspire you to shake up your wardrobe, StyleCaster has taken those 15 pieces you probably already own and styled them to create 15 refreshing Spring looks! Scroll through the images above to start getting inspired on how you can mix and match your 15 pieces in 15 different ways!

  1. Grey sweater, $335, nordstrom.com
  2. Striped shirt, $145, nordstrom.com
  3. Draped tank, $225, kristak.com
  4. Two Tone heel, $350, shopbop.com
  5. Cream dress, $485, shopbop.com
  6. Striped Sheer tank, $265, shopbop.com
  7. Gray heel, $350, nordstrom.com
  8. Navy blazer, $545, my-wardrobe.com
  9. Gray shorts, $295, shopbop.com
  10. Sunglasses, $265, shopscoutonline.com
  11. Ruffled skirt, $255, saks.com
  12. HIgh-Waisted pant, $465, shopbop.com
  13. Braided heel, $325, shopbop.com
  14. Chambray shirt, $265, dianiboutique.com
  15. Beaded jacket$495, nordstrom.com

Photogrpaher: Joey D’Arco, StyleCaster
Stylist: Emily Finkbinder & Janice Chou, StyleCaster
Makeup: Brit Cochran, Artists by Timothy Priano
Hair: Roz Murray, Bumble & Bumble
Model: Flynn, Wilhelmina