Shopping Just Got Better


Now that consumers are savvier than ever and using technology in new ways, the market is starting to adapt. Hello, just take a look at our Shop where all of the most current products are at your fingertips with you get personal stylist recommendations of products.

WWD reports today that ScanLife has developed a technology that would allow shoppers to scan bar codes in store and receive sales suggestions right there on their phones. This is the first time phone scanners have been developed specifically to use on apparel. The recommendations that you will get include matching items, discounts and any other kind of marketing message a brand wants to communicate. Pilot tests will start later this year.

In more interesting retail news, a possible amendment to a Senate bill cracking down on abuses by credit card companies may allow retailers to offer special discounts to shoppers who use certain credit cards. This means that you could get 10% off just for using your MasterCard instead of Visa.

These are both interesting ideas, and great ways to give something back to the consumer. Are you ready to alter the way you shop?