Yes, This Report is Real: Women Burn Up To 15,000 Calories a Year Shopping

Perrie Samotin

tumblr lwkq06MJhn1qezqfno1 500 Yes, This Report is Real: Women Burn Up To 15,000 Calories a Year Shopping

We laughed when “Sex and the City” character Carrie Bradshaw quipped that she couldn’t get behind buying shoes and clothes online because “shopping is my cardio.” Turns out, that Bradshaw might have been on to something.

According to a new study, it seems British women are burning as many as 15,000 calories per year while indulging in retail therapy, reported the Daily Mail

Conducted by Wall’s Solero Exotic, the survey showed that when shopping, British women walk, on average, 180 miles a year. That’s the equivalent of seven marathons, ladies.

In addition, the survey showed that while women are tempted by the ease of online shopping, being able to count it as a workout would encourage 58% to hit the high street rather than the keyboard.

It should be noted, however, that the survey also found nearly a thrid of British women snacked on things like chips, chocolate and cookies while spending, with 31% packing away over 250 calories while hitting the shops, and one in 10 eating up to 1,000 calories, negating some of shopping’s fitness-boosting effects.

However, the fact that shopping could ostensibly be equivalent to running seven marathons, we’re totally willing to to pack a baggie full of carrots before our next trip to the stores.

Photo: HBO; GIF fuckyeahSATC