Shopbop: A Fashion Tribute to MJ- R.I.P.


I have a very vivid memory of being two years old, lying on the living room floor and looking at my parents’ records. I LOVED Michael Jackson and was so enamored by the Thriller album. I guess because adorable MJ was hanging out with a baby tiger?! Who knows. But like many, I have loved–and I mean LOVED–Michael’s music from as young as I can remember. His songs have a potency that inevitably leads to letting loose, dancing, and just having fun.

As fashion loops back around to elements of the ’80s (get ready for fierce shoulders, girls, they’re coming), images of Michael Jackson’s sensational stage costumes pop in my mind. What’s not to love about taking an amazing musical talent and enhancing it with badass style? Here are a few pieces that he would no doubt have loved, and that you could be rocking too!