Shopbop: 5 Tips For Surviving Fashion Week


Sadly, summer has ended, but on the upside… Fashion Week is here! My holiday weekend of surfing and happy hours in Montauk stood in the way of my typical pre-Fashion Week cleanse (courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, it’s a diet that’s delicious and you actually get to eat!), so I’m not feeling as rejuvenated as I’d like to be. But Fashion Week rolls on, and as of this morning my agenda includes 60 shows-eek!

5 Tips for Surviving Fashion Week

1. Make Your Basics Work

Pull together your cream-of-the-crop basics and incorporate them into your looks all week. This is way less stressful than trying to come up with a fresh head-to-toe ensemble every morning. Mine include: a structured shoulder black blazer, thigh-high boots (I’m stoked to wear this trend all season), a great blouse in ivory or black, leopard pumps, and a body-con heather grey jersey dress. All neutral, interchangeable, and easy, but they still make a statement. (Look for our Ultimate Closet: Fashion Week Edition on Sept. 25, where we’ll show you how this approach carried my partner in crime, Senior Stylist Morgan, and me through the week.)

2. Make a Daily Schedule
Having a schedule for each day printed along with invites and addresses (include cross streets!) is key. To avoid getting overwhelmed, I stay focused on the current day and only look forward one day.

3. Keep Your iPhone/Blackberry Fully Charged

With as much time as I spend on my Blackberry during Fashion Week, the battery drains pretty fast, so a portable charger is absolutely necessary. (You can find them at Duane Reade, and they take AA batteries.)

4. Eating and Beauty Regimen

Planning meals ahead of time is the way to go! This way you’re not left trying to fill up on gift bag candy, only to crash an hour later. Last season Morgan and I discovered the secret to staying charged and sane: egg-white omelets for lunch at Noho Star on Bleeker and Lafayette! Taking 45 minutes to sit down, fill up on something healthy (protein being the key factor), and talk out what we’d seen was immensely beneficial. As far as beauty goes, I know I’m not getting to the gym this week and won’t get enough sleep, but I will make sure my nightly routine includes Philosophy’s Hope In a Jar. I swear, it’s a miracle product. Go to Sephora now!

5. Stay Inspired

Fashion Week is day upon day of constant stimulation, where dressing to impress is a part of the gig and timeliness is crucial when gathering content for our features. Create a list of some resources to break through writer’s block or fashion block. And remember to look around and take down notes of things that catch your eye-a simple outfit that looks so chic, a cool item that could up your fashion game.

I hope you’ll check out Shopbop’s Fashion Week coverage! We’ll be blogging all week and of course updating our Facebook and Twitter pages constantly. I’ll also be blogging for and Lucky editors will be sharing with their take on this infamous week right here, on Shoptalk!