Spring’s Below the Belt Trend: Sheer Boudoir

Jordynn Haskins

boudoir moments 51 Springs Below the Belt Trend: Sheer Boudoir

As spring approaches, so does our urge to drop the layers to the floor in hopes of showing off some skin. Well, gentlemen, if you’re reading this, you’re in for a treat this season ’cause the ladies are taking that come-hither boudoir look from the bedroom to the streets.

Last September, this behind-closed-doors inspired look graced the runways of every major (Victoria Beckham major) Fashion Week. This runway trend is highlighted with pinup detailing, sheer everything AND a subtle silhouette that will leave you wanting more. If this doesn’t channel your inner Dita Von Teese, then I don’t know what will. Ladies, don’t be intimidated by this ever so sexy ‘brothel-esque’ look. The key to nailing this trend in your favor is balance; stick to one sexy piece like a bustier top, while keeping the rest of your look subtle with ladylike elements such as a maxi skirt and blazer. Who’s ready to take this below the belt trend out of the house?

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