Shop Our Looks: StyleCaster Takes Fashion Week (Spencer C.)

Spencer Cain

New York Fashion Week is always one of the most exciting times of the year — but it’s also one of the most stressful. The cool kids hanging out around Lincoln Center are dressed to the damn nines, and you’re practically shunned upon arrival if you aren’t carrying a Celine bag. Well, that’s not entirely true, but there’s definitely pressure to look snazzy.

As I am of the male variety, I don’t have to worry about schlepping around in Louboutins that will eventually turn my feet into the damaged tootsies that Geishas flaunt after years of foot binding. Anyway, back to the point; it’s crucial to be comfortable or you will be miserable. Today, I opted for a somewhat casual outfit that can translate from day to night, as that is also a MAJOR necessity.

Pants: Let me get started with the most exciting piece of the outfit: the pants. Clad in crocodiles, I can’t get enough of these babies. They were one of the few pieces I truly loved from the Versace for H&M collection and I snapped them up immediately. Sadly for you, they are now selling on eBay for $300. Either you can shell out the big bucks andgrab a pair here, or opt for a more modestly priced pair of Rag & Bone jeans in a bold red at $185. A pop of color or pattern adds to the ensemble.

Sweater: It’s all about layering, especially in this frigid weather. Underneath my classic J. Crew peacoat, I chose a Ralph Lauren sweater that is so comfortable, it makes the fabulous transition from pajamas to party attire. You can buy a similar version here for $98. It’s durable — believe me, I’ve put it through the ringer, and the use you get out of a classic v-neck sweater is unparalleled.

T-shirt: Under my sweater, I would usually wear an oxford shirt, most likely of the chambray variety. But, being as I get hot way too easily, I decided a t-shirt would do the trick. I’m wearing a Lacoste pique polo in pink, that you can <a href="; target=”_blank”>scoop up for $89.50. See, I’m working a subtle alligator theme!

Shoes: Since I knew I’d be walking a ton, I had to choose comfortable footwear. For that, I look no further than Cole Haan. I’ve been wearing his loafers since I was a wee lad, and I love ’em. Get a pair at Zappos for around $120.

Accessories: Ray-Ban’s iconic Wayfarers are played out, but every once in awhile you just need to have a moment! I wore my white Wayfarers, which you can get for $200. For my belt, I love the preppy brand J. Mclaughlin, and I am wearing a palm tree covered number, which is reasonably priced at $48. Additionally, I always wear silly socks, like J. Mclaughlin’s striped ones that I’m wearing here, priced at $24.

Anyway, if for some reason you want to emulate my style, I hope you enjoyed my tips — and please, I know I don’t look like Robert Pattinson, but I try. Happy NYFW, kids.