Shop Our Looks: StyleCaster Does Fashion Week (Summer K.)

Summer K

Yes, fashion week can be quite glamorous, but when it comes to COVERING it, practicality is key. Not every editor has a make-up artist on speed dial or a car waiting patiently to whisk them off to the next show. In fact, us editors at StyleCaster get by on subways, live on protein bars and Diet Coke, do our makeup in the back of cabs and hobble home after a brutal day of blisters and swollen feet.

Needless to say, we’re going to be keeping it real by helping you shop our looks every day. First up — yours truly. I wore this today for a couple of reasons: 1. I have three events later this evening that require more of a downtown vibe, 2. It’s supposed to rain/snow later so sky-high wedges and heels are definitely out (hence the hat), 3. I wanted to sport a little pop of color to coincide with the recent neon trend.

Copy me if you like — I’m just your average NOT sample size girl trying to navigate the shows and parties, which means everything I’m rocking today is something you can snag or steal for yourself (bonus!).

Leather Jacket: This baby cost me one month’s rent, so don’t try to replicate it on a budget. Instead, pick up this cute one at Urban Outfitters for just $98.

Dress: I got this last season at Anthropologie, but you can get a similar tribal-inspired dress at The Trend Boutique for just $89.99.

Accessories: Bargains galore! While my boots are J.Crew and were a gift, you can get my hat at ASOS for just $32.23, my hot pink tights for $14.00 at an American Apparel near you and scoop up an eternity scarf like this one (a must-have when it’s chilly) for only $23.99 at

Check back tomorrow for more great (AND shoppable) fashion inspirations from the StyleCaster editors!

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