Shop Oscar de la Renta Without Ever Leaving Facebook

Jessica Rubin

Oscar de la Renta has been one of the few fashion brands on the cutting-edge of social media, using Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook as mediums through which they develop conversations with their consumers. Anyone on Twitter with an interest in fashion knows the handle @OscarPRGirl, run byvice president of communications Erika Bearman, proving the effectiveness of de la Renta’s social media efforts.

It’s no surprise then that Oscar is creating an e-commerce experience through their Facebook page.Oscar de la Renta’s chief executive officer Alex Bolen told WWD “The Facebook community is obviously massive, huge and [continuously] growing, and to be able to communicate effectively and to engage the community surrounding our brand is a hugely important objective.” (Well Bolen, we think you’re doing a pretty good job.)

Oscar de la Renta fans (or those who “like” the brand on Facebook) can now purchase theEsprit d’Oscar solid perfume ring, which retails for $65. While design houses such as Longchamp and Chanel have offered exclusive items to their Facebook fans, Oscar de la Renta is the first company to offer a complete retail experience through their Facebook without ever having to forward the customer to the brand’s website.

And we call that the sweet smell of success!