Editor’s Pick: Madonna’s Amazing Mirrored Sunglasses

While I thoroughly enjoyed watching Madonna sing her 1983 hit “Holiday” with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on Thursday night, I was even more interested in the cool mirrored shades she was wearing while doing it.


After doing some digging, I’ve learned they’re by Westward Leaning, and they’re available online right now. I’ve been looking for a pair of white shades—so fresh for spring—and I love the half-frame style and cool mirrored lenses.

At $225, they’re definitely a bit of an investment (and a step up from the $5 sidewalk shades I usually hoard), but it’s hard to feel guilty knowing $10 from every pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses sold goes towards supporting education causes globally.

The jury’s out on whether I’ll look as cool in these bad boys as Madonna, but I’ll take my chances.

Westward Leaning Vanguard 14 Sunglasses, $225; at Westward Leaning

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