A Site To See: Shoes of Prey Lets You Custom-Design Your Own Chic Shoes

Meghan Blalock

shoes of prey

Around here, we’re endlessly fascinated by the wide world of online shopping, and it seems that every week brings with it a brand-new e-commerce site to be obsessed with. Since keeping track of ‘em all can be a feat of epic proportion, we’ve decided to feature “A Site To See” each week, highlighting a cool retail website you’ll definitely want to bookmark. This week: an addictive shoe site called Shoes of Prey.

Why You Should Bookmark It: In the vein of Nike’s iD program, which lets sneakerheads custom-design their own sneaks, Shoes of Prey lets the fairer sex design our dream pumps, ballet flats, booties, sandals, and more.  The brain child of Aussie-based co-founder Jodie Fox, the site lets anyone with a computer and a sense of style create their perfect shoe.

“I was solving a problem of my own,” Fox tells StyleCaster of her inspiration for starting the site. “I’d always liked shoes, but I never loved them because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Either it wasn’t quite the right color, there was an embellishment I didn’t like, or it wasn’t quite the right heel height. Then when I was traveling, I found someone with whom I could commission shoe designs. My shoe collection became really exciting, and my girlfriends asked me where I was getting my footwear. When I explained, they asked me to create shoes for them too.”

How It Works: Wannabe shoe designers simply head to ShoesOfPrey.com, click “Start Designing,” and go. There are 12 silhouettes to choose from, and once you’ve selected a frame, you can start designing with different colors and fabrics alike, ranging from faded leather and silk to genuine snakeskin and fishskin. (There are also vegan fabric options.)

” Once we’ve received your order we immediately start hand-making your shoes,” Fox explains. “Once they are complete, we lovingly swaddle them in a dust bag and crisp box and send them to your waiting feet, all within about four weeks.” The shoes start at $129 for flat sandals to upwards of $200 for fancy skins and high heels. The good news: shipping is totally free worldwide.

Where The Name Comes From: “I was thinking about the way I’m inspired by fashion, and I discovered that I get most of my style ideas from walking past women in the street,” Fox tells us. “I spot something I love, mentally snapshot it, and then go hunting for it. The piece of fashion becomes my prey – and specifically in our case – it is shoes.”

Check It Out: ShoesOfPrey.com