Fashion blogger Nicole Fasolino talks shoes, and how they've come to shape her life through the years.

In Her Shoes: Heartbreak And Heels

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In Her Shoes: Heartbreak And Heels
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It takes a lot to walk in some people’s shoes, specifically when it comes to the wild wealth of experiences and adventures we each encounter on a daily basis. One such person is Nicole Fasolino, a multi-tasking mama who splits her time between art directing, styling and blogging.  Eager to learn more about her personal style and creative take on life, we each grabbed some stylish-yet-comfortable shoes (Rockport or bust!) and began a journey through New York City together in which we picked her brain about her favorite trends, shopping habits and fashion aesthetic. 

Nicole’s told us a lot about herself so far, but what we’ve enjoyed most is her personal history, specifically the interesting way fashion has come to shape her life and her world. Check out what she has to say about her long ongoing love affair with shoes, and what heartbreaks and aches she’s suffered for the sake of style.

Every girl has their own way of recalling a specific time in their life. I remember things by the bikinis I wore, the size of the moon in the sky and the shoes I wish I had on.

It all started in the summer between first and second grade. I was unknowingly tan, fit and spent 99% of my time sopping wet in a swimsuit. But I misplaced my own shoes when leaving the beach one day and slipped on my brother’s white sneakers to cross the pavement to the car. I neeeeeded them. Those sneakers. They were everything. They had to be mine. So I lied and said my foot had grown. I remember the love and devotion I felt for those beauties, but alas I went home empty-handed and cried.

But that was just the start of it. At some point in middle school, my brain became fixated on a pair red patent leather pumps I spotted on a chic 20-something in a clothing store. I must have looked like a stalker, crawling between racks of clothes to get a closer look. It was the 80s, fashion was heart-stopping and my younger self couldn’t be tamed. I begged my mother. I had to have them.  But she wouldn’t budge, insisting there wasn’t a kids store in the entire New York area with a pointed toe 3 inch heel. (Again, tears.)

High school, Kurt Cobain. Need I say more?  There wasn’t a soul walking the streets of New York in anything but Doc Martens. Finally my time had come! But without realizing, I got the fake version from some cheapo store. (I mean, why? Why me?)

Things went relatively well for the next few years. That was until I took a volunteer trip to Costa Rica. I showed up in the sickest handmade Greek sandals ever to grace the world…while everyone else was wearing ugly sandals with Velcro and hideous colored designs. Finally, my moment. My gorgeous kicks lived two glorious days in Costa Rica before they were devoured during a three hour hike in the mud. Did I cry? Um, only when forced to wear a pair of ugly sandals graciously given to me by a nice German girl.

Flash-forward to the present, and I’m now in fashion, a mom and a New Yorker that likes to walk nonstop. I attend playdates at the playground in massive platforms, I go to winter events in open-toed shoes while everyone else is in boots. I ogle designer kicks, but gravitate toward my Rockports (since they’re the most comfy chic shoe in my closet).

Basically I’m all grown up now, but my relationship with shoes is an ongoing love affair that continues to grow and change with each step I take.


(Photo Credit: Don Brodie)

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