Shoe and Accessory Designer, Steve Madden set to Debut Clothing Line


With all the negative buzz surrounding Steve Madden’s alleged, yet quite blatantly obvious, rip off of designer Alexander McQueen’s “Faithful” bootie, Steven Madden Ltd. announces the launch of a new fashion line. We have high hopes that Madden will channel his own original designs, proving that all faith isn’t lost in his ability to create authentic pieces with this new clothing line. Is it possible Madden lost the bounce in his step, so to speak, because he was spending valuable time sketching the clothing line?

Despite any higher end designer’s complaints with recent shoe design malfunctions, we are hopeful that Madden will bring a fresh new look to department stores with this clothing line expected to launch Spring 2010. We will, of course, be on the lookout for any more than coincidental resemblance to other designer’s lines; after all fool us once… you know the rest.

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