A ‘She’s All That’ Remake is Reportedly Happening!

Leah Bourne
she's all that 2015 remake

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Every day seems to bring new buzz that a remake of a classic ’90s movie or TV show is in the works (hello “Twin Peaks”, “Full House,” and “Coach”), but this might be the best news yet: “She’s All That”—one of the cult high-school classics of the decade— is reportedly getting a reboot.

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A little refresher for those who might not have been aware (or born) when “She’s All That” hit the big screen: The original film starred Freddie Prinze Jr. as a high school jock who makes a bet that he can turn an artsy nerd, played by Rachel Leigh Cooke, into the school’s prom queen.

Released in 1999, it also starred some big names like the late Paul Walker, Anna Paquin, and Kieran Culkin. Trust us, if you were in high school at the time, you probably you watched this at least 25 times.

The Wrap is reporting that the Weinstein Company and Miramax are in talks to remake the movie with Tony Award winner Kenny Leon set to direct, and Spike Lee’s wife Tonya Lewis Lee on board as a producer.

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There hasn’t been an official word from Weinstein about the rumored project, but if our vote counts, we really hope this gets the green light.

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