Sherbet Colors for Nicoll


Young British designer Richard Nicoll produced my favorite collection of London Fashion Week so far. I’m loving this little micro-trend I’m seeing on certain runways wherein designers will take several bright sherbet colors and mix them all up in one look. We saw it in Alex Wang’s collection, it was present on Luella’s runway, and now we have it here with Richard Nicoll as well. Nicoll does it with clean, simple lines that fit and flatter the body so the combinations of girly, feminine colorways never look too saccharine. He cited early Helmut Lang as an inspiration and you can definitely see it in the lean, androgynous tanks and perfectly cut trousers. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands those tanks.

Also, it’s unexpected but I’m deriving tons of style inspiration from this particular way of combining brights, even now in late fall (sniff). Yesterday, I pulled out a royal purple ruffled Rory Beca dress with an old peach Chanel bag of my mother’s and felt like a breath of fresh air (weird and/or quirky air, but fresh, nonetheless) everywhere I went.

Would you wear all of those colors at once? Or is this something better suited to the runways?

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