How to Perfect Your #Shelfie Game in Five Easy Steps

shelfie How to Perfect Your #Shelfie Game in Five Easy Steps

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish

Perfecting the shelfie is an art. I know you already know this, because when most people look at their bookshelves they ask themselves, “Why don’t my shelves look like the ones in the magazines?” Well, fear not! I am here to give you my designer secrets to ensure you have the perfect #shelfie every time and for every room in your home.

color shelfie

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish


When planning the layout of your bookshelves, create continuity with color. In this Chicago townhouse, the shelf has a mixture of art books, the Harry Potter collection, and an array of unusual objects, but it all works together because of the charcoal paint. Plus, the additional wall sconces don’t hurt. Layering in accent lighting to any bookcase is a smart idea to help your eyes navigate all of those book titles.

curated shelfie

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish


This look works so well in a Silverlake LA reno because of careful curation. When planning out shelves, you don’t have to cram everything into them. Consider placing small book piles throughout your home, and mixing in baskets and chests for extra storage. Here, there is also a nice balance between items you would expect in the kitchen, like the plants and cookbooks, and a few unexpected pieces like the antiques.

vignette shelfie

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish


Another great way to execute a perfect shelfie is to turn each shelf into a mini vignette. In our West Coast Creative Director’s Los Angeles condo, each cubby tells its own little story about who lives in the home. Each box can stand alone. If you want to go in this direction, consider using neutral-toned objects. If you are going to use color, like the blue in this shot, weave that color throughout the bookshelves.

layered shelfie

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish


In a monochromatic space, like this Chicago office, consider using objects with color and various textures to really stand out in the room. Each bookshelf is layered with books or objects, but notice how each shelf is different. Some books are propped up, while others are simply stacked. Don’t be afraid to play with your shelfies to get them just right.

blended shelfie

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish


To create a unique shelfie, integrate it into a wall story. In this bedroom, hanging the media cabinet and mixing the bookshelf with the gallery wall makes for a more distinct and memorable space.

Shelfies may be a bit more difficult to master compared to #selfies … but at least there’s no duckface.

Text by Angela Belt

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