Shay Mitchell Debuts New, Delicate Roman Numerals Tattoo on Her Wrist

Shay Mitchell Debuts New, Delicate Roman Numerals Tattoo on Her Wrist
Photo: Getty Images

As one of the four liars on “Pretty Little Liars,” Shay Mitchell is always keeping fans guessing. And though “PLL” ended more than four months ago, the 30-year-old actress continues to keep fans on the edge of their seats—most recently, with a cryptic wrist tattoo that no one can figure out the meaning of.

On Saturday, celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy—who has also inked stars like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin—posted an Instagram of him and Mitchell chilling against a wall. And though the super-artsy picture had lots to look at, including a trippy psychedelic filter, what really caught our attention were the freshly inked Roman numerals on Mitchell’s wrist.

In the picture, Mitchell can be seen posing with her right hand near her face, flaunting three tiny Roman numeral tattoos on the side of her wrist. The tattoo reads, “I IV II,” which translates to the numbers 1, 4, and 3.

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Though Mitchell hasn’t revealed the meaning behind her new tat, that hasn’t stopped fans from coming up with their own theories. The most common one is that “143” translates to “I love you”—an internet phrase using the number of letters in each word of “I love you” as an abbreviation. For the unitiated, “1432” was a common slang term for “I love you too” in the early 2000s, so fans are suspecting that Mitchell dropped the “2” to leave her tat as simply, “I love you.”

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As we know with the many “PLL” theories concocted over the show’s seven-season run, fan speculation can be wrong. So until Mitchell confirms the meaning herself, we’re sadly left in the dark. And, if Mitchell is anything like her “PLL” character, the reveal should come in about half a decade or so.