You Probably Have the Same Gross Face Mask Habit as Shay Mitchell

You Probably Have the Same Gross Face Mask Habit as Shay Mitchell
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Like us, Shay Mitchell is obsessed with face masks. The 30-year-old actress—and self-proclaimed “mask queen”—loves masks so much that she has “no shame” wearing them out in public, as she tells Refinery29. But we can relate to Mitchell not because of her affinity for face masks (though we do feel closer to her because of it), but because of what she does after she’s done with them.

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In a new interview with Refinery29, the “Pretty Little Liars” alum dishes on the gross yet relatable thing she likes to do with her Bioré One-Minute Mask after she’s finished with it. Not only does Mitchell love admiring her own work, but once she peels off the charcoal mask, she’s prone to showing off the used mask to her friends.

Appreciating the “aftermath on a pore strip is the best part,” she says. “I mean, that’s what I call satisfaction. As gross as it is because you’re getting all that dirt and oil out, it’s also satisfying because then you feel so much better because your pores are clean.”

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Though Mitchell has no qualms with sharing the results of her dirty pores to anyone around, the actress knows where to draw the line. And that line happens to be those viral pimple-popping videos that her friends “can’t stop watching.” Yeah, ew. As for her next relatable tidbit, Mitchell revealed that she’s a bit of a scaredy cat to shake up her hair in a big way.

“My hair is like a security blanket for me in a way, so cutting it short or dyeing it a drastic color … I just don’t know if I’m that brave,” she says. “I would never dye my hair blond again, it was not the greatest. But that’s the fun thing about wig—I play a lot with those.”

Maybe her “PLL” co-stars Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson—who happen to be major hair chameleons—will eventually convince her otherwise. In the meantime, we’ll just revel in how much we have in common with Mitchell—including our mutual affinity for pizza.