Shaq Wants You To Pass The C By Courvoisier

Spencer Cain

If there’s one thing I love it’s a good partnership. Bill and Hillary, fries and melted cheese, and now Shaquille O’Neal and C by Courvoisier. C by Courvoisier is the newest member to the Courvoisier family, and it’s about to put a whole new spin on the cognac you’re used to. It’s doubled aged and produced in small batches — thus, it’s a bit more intense.

Anyway, Courvoisier has just announced the partnership between Shaq and their new brand. While we’ve seen Shaq do a whole bunch of things (duh, Kazaam), he’s never partnered with a spirits brand before. Additionally, the cognac will sponsor Shaq’s upcoming All-Star Comedy Jam Tour and host VIP after parties.

As Shaq is known for his boldness and strength, this is sort of the perfect collab. If you can’t wait to try C by Courvoisier, it hit shelves on February 1 nationwide. Pick up a bottle for $39.99, and let the games begin! Oh, and if the entire time you were reading this, you were thinking about the Busta Rhymes‘ gem “Pass The Courvoisier” — you’re not alone. Check out the incredible video below.

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