Shailene Woodley Just Shared a Photo of a Baby & Fans Think It’s Her Secret Newborn With Aaron Rodgers

Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers
Photo: MEGA.

Fans of the Big Little Lies star are searching for answers after she posted a photo of baby feet to her Instagram Story recently. The random image has sparked lots of questions. Namely, is it Shailene Woodley’s baby with Aaron Rodgers? If not, whose baby is pictured in the photo? Or, is this all just part of some elaborate pregnancy announcement?!

While the identity of the baby has yet to be confirmed, many social media users have a theory that the baby is secretly Shailene and Aaron‘s child—or that they’re expecting one of their own soon. “Shailene Woodley just posted a picture of baby feet and I’m just waiting for news to drop that Aaron Rodgers has a baby boy that will grow up to be our franchise QB,” joked one fan on Twitter, referring to the Green Bay Packer’s star player. Another wondered, “IS SHE A MOM? IS THAT A RANDOM BABY? WHO IS THAT? DID SHAILENE WOODLEY HAD A BABY AND NO ONE KNEW? I NEED SOME INFORMATION HERE,” as per Page Six.

If Shailene and Aaron did somehow happen to be parents already, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time the pair has kept big news like this under wraps. The couple, who started dating and got engaged in 2020, kept their relationship a secret for months—that is, until Aaron surprised fans with a shout-out to his “fiancée” during his acceptance speech for the NFL’s MVP award in February 2021.

Since then, the quarterback, 37, has gushed about his plans with the Divergent actress, 29, which include “being a father” one day. “I think the next great challenge will be being a father,” Aaron said during a conversation with Zenith Watches CEO Julien Tornare on Instagram Live in March 2021.

“I’m in the age group where a lot of my close friends from high school and college are fathers now and have families of their own,” the quarterback explained, noting that while babies are “maybe not in the immediate future,” fatherhood is “definitely something I look forward to. It’s gonna be a really fun challenge.”

He added, “I’ve done a pretty good job at taking care of myself for the last 37 years, and look forward to taking care of another life at some point. I think it’s gonna be so fun. I’ve dreamt about what that would be like and I’m really excited about that chapter, whenever that comes.” If Shailene’s photo happens to be a hint, that chapter could be happening very soon!

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