6 Workouts That Will Boost Your Sex Appeal

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While it may blast calories, there’s absolutely nothing sexy about the elliptical machine, and a stationary bike probably won’t get you turned on. A more appealing option: a workout that not only gets you in shape, but also boosts your sex appeal. Here are six that’ll make you feel and look sexy, from the inside out.

Belly Dancing

The exposed abs, the undulations, the shimmying—what’s not sexy about a belly dancer? As a workout, belly dancing is good for all-over toning and for improving posture. The fast movements of the hips and shoulders can really get your heart pumping, while the undulations and hip circles also work the core.

This dance also does wonders for one’s self-image and overall sexiness. “Belly dance completely embraces what it is to be a woman,” says professional belly dancer Ivette Oliveras, referring to the form’s signature graceful movements. “[It allows] a woman to connect with her inner confidence, which then transfers into the bedroom.”

Pole Dancing

This intensely fun workout includes a mixture of lifts, swings, and poses, all designed to build upper-body strength and tone the abs, buttocks, and legs. Need we even explain how this one is sexy?

Jeannine Caparoso, owner of Dakini Movement Studio, says the pole is such an interesting surface because there are so many ways to use it. Just stepping into a pole class requires some bravery. “Becoming comfortable in one’s skin is probably the best thing that pole dancing does for women,” she says.

And speaking of skin, the less clothing you wear, the better—typical attire for this class is hot pants and a skimpy tank top.

“As a woman grows more comfortable in her body and learns to move in a way that is not only specific to her but also feels good, she builds confidence,” says Caparoso. “From this confidence, a unique type of sexiness is awakened.”

Buti Yoga

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Buti yoga

This practice of high-intensity yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics gives practitioners cardio, strength training, and flexibility workouts in one seamless format. And Buti isn’t just good for your booty: It teaches women how to unlock their “Shakti” energy, or the female’s “sex magnet” energy, says Buti yoga instructor Paige Welborn. “It is said that Buti can literally transform you on an energetic level so you don’t have to think about what to do differently in your everyday life to have better sex or feel sexier,” she says.

If you’re ever feeling stuck, low-energy, or unsexy, one of the best things you can do is hip rolls. “Small or big, slow or fast, just moving your hips in a spiraling motion taps you into this Shakti energy,” notes Welborn. In fact, she says that many women will fall in love with themselves for the first time after practicing Buti yoga—a feeling that certainly helps in the bedroom too.


Similar to Buti yoga in terms of targeting a woman’s Shakti energy, OYoga focuses more on the breath, while blending the practice of yoga, belly dance, and burlesque. OYoga Instructor and Relationship Coach Tatiana Dellepiane teaches her students moves and breathing that help unlock their inner sex goddesses.

“Women will feel sexy from the outside because it is an incredible lower body workout that builds a sexy booty and strong core while keeping your feminine curves,” she says.

OYoga incorporates certain postures that can be directly applied in the bedroom, such as the Cowgirl Goddess and Doggie poses. Another way it improves your sex life is by helping women get over body insecurities. “Women who feel sexually confident are more successful and attract better relationships,” says Dellepiane.

Cardio Striptease

Prepare to strip off the pounds as well as your actual clothes in this bold workout. Typical classes combine exotic dancing, jazz dance, and floor work that will make you feel sexy and powerful, says Fawnia Mondey, owner of Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas. Students are encouraged to wear heels, which also means a great workout for the legs and calves.

“Sometimes faking a sexy striptease can help women feel sexier,” she notes. And, like most of the exercises on this list, you might even learn a thing or two in class that you can, ahem, practice at home. “Use the wall, a door frame, or even the bed to do a sexy striptease for your special someone,” suggests Mondey.


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Good Old-Fashioned Sex

OK, so it isn’t your typical workout class, and you can’t sign up for it with ClassPass, but sex with a loved one will always be one of the best ways to get exercise and feel sexier.

“When we have sex with our partners, we’re releasing chemicals in our bodies that make us feel good,” says sex therapist Dr. Tammy Nelson. “Sex is actually the perfect exercise: It puts you in a better mood, makes you look great, and makes you feel sexier from the inside out.”

Sex can also burn up to 300 calories in a 30-minute session, and it stretches and tones your body, especially if you have an orgasm. How’s that for making your workouts more enjoyable?