20 Sexy Pairs of Underwear That Keep Your Lady Parts Healthy

20 Sexy Pairs of Underwear That Keep Your Lady Parts Healthy
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What’s worse—a blah, shapeless pair of granny panties, or a brutal yeast infection that won’t go away? Both suck, but I think most women would choose the formless undies over the misery of an infection. And yes, sometimes it is a matter of choice, since the cut and material of most sexy women’s underwear aren’t especially conducive to wicking and air circulation down there—which experts say can directly lead to infections.

“Underwear that is made out of silk or synthetic materials is not breathable and can trap moisture, which may lead to a yeast infection,” says Dr. Mimi Secor, a nurse practitioner and spokesperson for Monistat. “Any underwear that is too tight can also create a warm, moist environment in the vaginal area and can trigger a yeast infection.” Thongs, too, are a bad idea: “They can cause bacteria to travel from the colon to the vaginal area, leading to infections,” she explains.

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Yikes! So, half the underwear most of us wear is a yeast infection waiting to happen. How to deal? “To help reduce the risk of getting a yeast infection, women should keep their genital area cool and dry by wearing breathable and lightweight underwear—cotton, if possible.” And if the whole pair isn’t made of cotton, they should at least feel airy (e.g. be made of jersey or soft mesh, if not 100 percent cotton), not fit too tightly, and feature a cotton panel liner to keep your vaginal area dry (bonus points for organic ones that don’t irritate).

In the name of living itch-free without giving up entirely on pretty underwear, we found 20 pairs of undies that are cuter than your average boring granny panty—and they’ll keep you healthy, too.

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Violet Bikini, $19; at Journelle

Celine Sheer Hotpant, $37; at Cosabella

The Geo Lace Bikini, $10; at Lively

DKNY Downtown Cotton Hipster, $12; at Belk

Only Hearts Organic Cotton Bikini, $19; at Her Room

Calvin Klein Pure Seamless Bikini, $12; at Shopbop

Cora Bikini, $52; at Journelle

The Mesh Back Bikini in Lush Life, $10; at Lively

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bikini, $20; at Bare Necessities

Cotton Lingerie Lace-Waist Hiphugger Panty, $10.50; at Victoria's Secret

Organic Cotton Boyshort with Lace, $29; at Hanky Panky

Peach Embroidery Cheeky Hipster, $52; at Hanky Panky

Cosabella Ever Low Rise Hot Pants, $30; at Shopbop

Cotton Lingerie Hot Short Panty, $8.50; at Victoria's Secret

Cool Comfort Cotton Hipster, $8.99; at Hanes

Lace-Waist Shortie Panty, $10.50 at Victoria's Secret

Maidenform Pure Genius Boyshort Panty, $11.50; at Her Room

BARE Boyshort, $30; at Hanky Panky

Wacoal Cotton Suede New Hipster Panty, $18; at Her Room

Natori Bliss Girl Brief Panty, $18; at Her Room

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