Why Sending a Sexy Selfie Might Not be the Best Idea

Lesli Doares, YourTango
To send a sexy selfie or not to send one? Lingerie shot? Topless? The Full Monty? After all, it’s only going to your boyfriend and he’s promised not share it. He swears he loves you and would never do anything to hurt you. You think using Snapchat will protect you, forgetting that taking a screenshot of the picture before it disappears is possible. Welcome to love in the 21st Century.

Jennette McCurdy sent a “sexy selfie” to Detroit Piston Andre Drummond during their week-long “romance.” Just days after she gave a less than complimentary review of his kissing during an interview, the picture appeared on TMZ. She laid the blame at Mr. Drummond’s door. In a responding tweet, Ms. McCurdy claimed to be “shocked someone would stoop that low”.

Shocked? Really? Has she been living on another planet? Is she not aware of revenge porn sites whose sole purpose is to publish intimate photos of exes sent at a happier time in a relationship? Sure in the photo Jennette McCurdy sent, she’s wearing lingerie and her career probably won’t be damaged. You might not be so lucky.

Imagine you’ve just applied for the job of your dreams. The company has been in constant contact, conducting interviews at ever higher levels, even promising you a signing bonus if you make it through the process. Suddenly, the head of the Human Resource Department won’t return your calls. Neither will anyone else you got to know at the company. You’re confused and devastated by this turn of events. More than likely you’ve been Googled.

You flash back to that nude or semi-nude photo you sent to your old boyfriend when you were in high school or college. He told you that he loved you. He told you that it was just for him and he wouldn’t show it to anyone. Guess what, you were wrong. And now it’s there for all the world to see. Anytime, for as long as the internet exists.

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