5 Sexy Last-Minute Gift Ideas Your S.O. Will *Definitely* Appreciate

Happy couple in bed
Photo: STYLECASTER/Tory Rust

Whether or not you and your partner are big gift-givers, the holidays are always a nice time to show each other a little extra love (if for no other reason than the holidays are also a super-busy, stressful season). Letting him or her know you care doesn’t have to require big bucks or tons of planning, either—you want sexy, fun, thoughtful, and fast, right?

Here are a few easy, last-minute, hot ideas to get you started.

Date Night Stocking

Choose an activity you can share in together, like dinner and a movie, plus dessert afterward. (There are gift cards just for all that!) Make it special by putting the gift cards in numbered envelopes with sweet messages inside.

Spa Experience

Everyone needs some self-care, so give your S.O. enough spa love for both of you (because self-care is doubly nice when you do it together). Start with a bath bomb to drop in the tub so you can both soak and relax, add some face masks, body scrub, and oil for afterward. Scrub them down and oil them up. Your evening in can be so relaxing… it can also be very sensual.

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Party in a Stocking

Craft cocktails are a thing right now, so get a pocket bartending guide and pair it with ingredients for a good time. Learn to make Moscow Mules together—you can even include the cups. Bonus points if you get them personalized.

Day of Adventure

This one may take some work, but it can be so rewarding for you both. Choose a few activities depending on where you live and your interests. Do you have mountains to hike? A forest for picnicking? A beach to walk? Plan out a detailed day and write about it in a card. Choose small items that enhance or accessorize your adventure: sunglasses, a cute water bottle, an engraved compass, a map—get creative! Your adventure should last until sundown… and probably longer.

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Sexy Stocking

This one really gets the point across. Head into your favorite adult store for treats to enjoy with your lover under the tree, menorah, or mistletoe. Things like lube, a small vibe, cock rings, massage oil, assorted condoms, a book of erotica, a DVD to watch together, maybe even a blindfold. (Just make sure they have privacy to open this one, or it may be the family holiday horror story for years to come.)

Remember, these are all just starting points, and you’ll need to use what you know about your partner’s likes and dislikes to make them feel special. Gift cards are great, fast, and convenient, but make sure you’re not just handing them over in an envelope. It’s been proven time and time again it’s the thought that counts, so put some thought into it, and make this a very special holiday for the lover in your life.