The Best Sex Toy For Every Zodiac Sign, Based On Your Personality

Maggie Griswold
The Best Sex Toy For Every Zodiac Sign, Based On Your Personality
Photo: LELO/Alexander Institute/Blush Novelties/KINGWAND/Unsplash.

Choosing the ideal sex toy is no easy feat. There are a lot of factors to consider before you shell out cash to purchase something you can’t really return if it doesn’t fit, including your personality and the stars. OK, so using zodiac signs to choose sex toys might seem, at first, like a strange way to go about things, but if you believe in all the powers of the zodiac—or just really relate to your sun, moon or rising sign—it’s actually a great place to start your sex toy search. Each zodiac sign typically has distinct personality traits that make it easier to guess what someone’s like in the bedroom. If we take those traits and assumptions, we can then identify the perfect sex toy for each sign—so that’s exactly what we did. This is likely your sexiest horoscope of all time. You’re welcome.

Even if you’re not a huge believer in the zodiac or don’t identify with your sign, you can still find your new favorite sex toy in the list below. Not all toys are created equal, but there’s such a wide array available, you’re sure to find one that suits you. Of course, we recommend checking your sun, moon and rising signs first before totally going off the grid and choosing a random toy. Think about what you value when you’re in the bedroom—with someone else or alone—and translate that to your next toy. If it doesn’t fit your astrological signs, so be it. But we have a feeling it just might surprise you.

From the luxury-loving and stubborn Taurus to the most sexual Scorpio, there’s a sex toy for every zodiac sign below. And if you’re hesitant about trying something new, just remember: It’s written in the stars.


1. Aries

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Sex Toys | clitoral stimulator


An Aries likes things, quick, dirty and—above all—powerful. There’s no messing around when an Aries comes to play. Plus, the body part often associated with an Aries is the head—which is what makes this clitoral stimulator toy, which can mimic effects of oral, the perfect pick for any raging bull sign.


2. Taurus

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Sex Toys | gvibe mini gold

Alexander Institute.

A Taurus is never one to shy away from anything luxurious, so a sex toy featuring 24k gold is right up their alley (amongst other things). Plus, this Gvibe Mini Gold is compact and powerful—so a stubborn Taurus is sure to come back to it again and again.


3. Gemini

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Sex Toys | darling devil

Fun Factory.

If there’s anywhere for a Gemini’s dual nature to come out, it’s in the bedroom—or wherever you choose to get down and dirty, honestly. This is why a sex toy that has multiple functions and dual stimulation is perfect for the twin sign. It’s hard keep a Gemini interested for very long, but hopefully this will do the trick.


4. Cancer

STYLECASTER | Sex Toys for Your Zodiac Sign | cancer kingwand bullet


Cancers need to be needed and love intimacy, which is why a small bullet vibrator is a welcome addition to any sort of solo or couple’s play. It’s small but powerful, and create a seriously intimate moment between a cancer and their partner. They can use it on themselves, someone else or let someone use it on them.


5. Leo

STYLECASTER | Sex Toys for Your Zodiac Sign | clitoris stimulator


Attention-seeking, Leos, now is your time. This air-pulse clitoral stimulator will put all the attention where it belongs: on you. Whether a Leo uses it on themselves or on a partner, the powerful suction power will give them either pleasure, power or both. Either way, it’s all about the Leo.


6. Virgo

STYLECASTER | Sex Toys for Your Zodiac Sign | vibrating cock ring


Virgos love to collaborate, and this easily translates to the bedroom. Try a double vibrating cock ring for a totally collaborative and inventive play time. You can use it on a penis or a strap-on for some added power, making it perfect for any curious Virgo.


7. Libra

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Sex Toys | colorpop big O 2

Screaming O.

Libras are often seen as people-pleasers, so it should come as no surprise the best sex toy for this sign is something that can be fun for all parties involved. A stretchy cock ring with two different vibrators on it as well checks all the boxes.


8. Scorpio

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Sex Toys | heart of gold dildo

Blush Novelties.

Ah, Scorpio. This sign is often considered the most sexual of the zodiac. They consider themselves the best in bed, meaning they don’t want the added help of vibrations when it comes to sex toys. No, the Scorpio will take a classic dildo, thanks. It can be used as a personal toy or during sex as a strap-on. The possibilities are endless—just like a Scorpio’s sexual energy.


9. Sagittarius

STYLECASTER | Sex Toys for Your Zodiac Sign | remote dildo


A Sagittarius is often secretly adventurous—and it definitely comes through in the bedroom. This wearable remote-controlled dildo is a fun way to bring some of that explorative energy into both solo or couple play. It can be used myriad ways, so a Sagittarius can choose whether to be in control or give the control to someone else.


10. Capricorn

STYLECASTER | Sex Toys for Your Zodiac Sign | rabbit vibrator


Rule-following Capricorn, you need a sex toy that’s traditional—but one that gets the job done, of course. A classic rabbit vibrator is way to go for this sign. Just make sure you don’t stick with a toy if it doesn’t totally satisfy you. We all know you have a habit of falling for mediocrity just for the sake of predictability. (Sorry to @ you, Capricorn.)


11. Aquarius

STYLECASTER | Sex Toys for Your Zodiac Sign | vibrator


An Aquarius often takes the road less travelled, switching things up along the way and never doing what anyone expects of them. Because of this, a dual vibrator and clitoral stimulator is the perfect toy for this air sign. It can be used multiple ways, but leave it to an Aquarius to find the most unexpected one.


12. Pisces

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Sex Toys | mini tango


Something small, cute and discreet that gets the job done is the perfect toy for a Pisces. Often, this sign is a dreamer, and occasionally on the quiet side. Finding a sex toy that isn’t too realistic helps a Pisces keep their eyes on the IRL romance they so desire.


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