Women Are Having Less Sex With More Partners: Study

Julie Gerstein
sex study Women Are Having Less Sex With More Partners: Study

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Women are having sex with more people — and are more likely to experiment with lesbian sex — according to a new study on human sexuality. But we’re also having less sex than ever before. According to a survey from the University College London of 15,0000 adult women, the average woman now has around eight partners, up from four 20 years ago. She’s also four times more likely to have experimented with other women.

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But here’s a surprising fact: Women are, overall, having much less sex than they did 20 years ago. In 1991, the average woman reported having sex five times a month; the average is now three times a month, and researchers say it’s because people are increasingly taking work and stress home with them.

The study, which was published in the medical journal The Lancet, found that women are catching up with men in terms of number of sexual partners (men reported an average of 12 partners) and when they lose their virginity; both men and women reported losing their V-cards at 16.

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And here’s some good news for the ladies: Smart, well-educated women are actually overtaking men when it comes to being adventurous in bed. “In some areas of sexual behavior we have seen a narrowing of the gender gap but in others we have seen women overtaking men in the diversity of their behavior,” professor Kaye Wellings of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told The Daily MailShe called the study’s findings “remarkable.”

The key to a better sex life, recommends Wellings? Learn to create a balance in your life, and leave the work at the office. Consider it done.