101 People Share Their Favorite Sex Positions

Lindsey Lanquist
101 People Share Their Favorite Sex Positions
Photo: Allison Kahler.

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One night, after a couple glasses of wine, I decided to tackle a project I’d been mulling over for a while. I wanted to see if I could get 101 people to tell me about their favorite sex positions. I crafted a Google Form and tossed it into the digital abyss. On my survey sat two simple questions (as well as a handful of demographic ones): What’s your favorite sex position, and why? It wasn’t that I was looking for recommendations for new sex positions to try (though I’ll never reject a fun change of pace). It was more that I wondered if I could get 101 responses—and what it would look like if I did.

Well, folks, over the last 31 days, I have, in fact, gotten 101 people to talk to me about their favorite sex positions. As it turns out, a lot of people are into doggy style (like, more than 25 percent of my respondents), and cowgirl’s a fan favorite as well. Scroll down to see all 101 responses (and a handful of cute illustrations). Who knows? Maybe you’ll walk away from this with some new ideas for your own sex life.

Against the Wall

“I love to put my partner against the wall and have her wrap her legs around my waist. It allows for such deep penetration—plus, it just feels super primal and dominant.” —Chris C., 29

“Having a wall at my back gives me support and leverage, which makes things feel better for me. This position is also kind of aggressive and makes me feel like my man is in control—which I’m super into.” —Blair A., 22


1 fusion 101 People Share Their Favorite Sex Positions

Allison Kahler.

“You get a ton of penetration in this position because there are so few obstacles. And you can get even deeper penetration if you spread your legs wider (which really just adds to the thrill of it for me).” —Isabel B., 24


“I’m realizing that it depends on who I’m with—the sensations are very different with each person. But missionary, as basic as it is, is always good, because it can be as romantic or lustful as you two want it to be.” —Emily E., 25

“I just love the closeness.” —Nik B., 25

“It’s the only thing that gets me off without fail, so it’s my go-to. I’m totally willing to start or end in a different position, but I always want a couple minutes of missionary to guarantee a good, solid orgasm. I don’t know why that’s what my body needs, but at least it works!” —Christi A., 25

“I love that it’s super intimate—and that I get to be face-to-face with my partner.” —Laura A., 24

“I like having sex while I’m on my period—it improved my mood and alleviates my cramps. Since period sex can get a little messy, I tend to stick with missionary; I’ve found it’s the best position for keeping things clean.” —Laurie B., 35

“It provides the optimal angle for my partner, and it also allows for better emotional connectivity. The last really memorable encounter I had, I could see my partner had a big fat smile on his face when I looked up, and that got me off even more.” —Kim H., 23

“The warmth of his body, the weight of his body…” —Allie B., 26

“I actually like missionary. The first time you have sex with a new partner is always the most stilted—which I love in a lol, this is cute kind of way. Like, aw, this relationship or whatever we want to call it is so new we feel awkward around each other kind of way. Anyway. I feel like those nights usually start with some kind of missionary.” —Jackie R., 24

“Missionary keeps me feeling like my partner and I are closer than ever—both emotionally and physically.” —Jane A., 58

“I love the real connection it creates. Missionary is a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion—why mess with perfection?” Bella F., 36

“It’s simple. It’s great when you’re with someone you don’t have much experience with (dating apps, anyone?). And you can actually see and connect with the person you’re with. I understand the vanilla reputation, but anyone who equates vanilla to boring or not pleasurable has clearly never had ice cream.” —Peter F., 25

Modified Missionary

“I like legs-on-shoulders missionary. It gives my partner complete control, and they can get deeper than regular missionary.” —Jane S., 23

“My favorite is a modified missionary, where my partner is on his knees, and I’m lying down, straddling him with bent legs. The position is perfect for hard-and-fast G-spot stimulation, because he can hold my legs while he moves his hips. And I can put my arms overhead, using the headboard to push back onto him so we’re both actively involved. (Plus, we both have access to my clitoris—a win on all fronts.)” —Alison T., 27

“I like missionary, but with one of my legs up. My clitoris always feels most engaged in this position.” —Al L., 23

“I’m not sure what the proper name for this is, but it’s basically a kneeling missionary where the woman’s legs bend down so her feet touch the bed. It looks amazing from my perspective and feels pretty dominant. I’m able to get good leverage to thrust powerfully, and I can easily control the depth of penetration. It’s also easy to use a toy without it getting in the way.” —Sotiris T., 28

“I like that variation on missionary where your legs are kind of dangling over the edge of the bed and the dude is standing. It requires my partner to do more of the ‘work,’ which I like, because it makes me feel semi-dominated. I think missionary gets a bad rap, but there are so many fun little tweaks you can make to it.” —Claire L., 26

Pearly Gates

5 pearly gates 101 People Share Their Favorite Sex Positions

Allison Kahler.

“Lately, my partner and I have been into lying on our backs with me directly on top of him, squeezing my thighs to create extra friction, while he helps move me up and down. It’s intense and super satisfying! It also feels intimate without being claustrophobic.” —Hannah H., 31

“I love the fact that our bodies are in contact, I’m in control, I can stimulate her and she can play with my hair.” —Tosh A., 25


“No awkward eye contact. Ladies can keep their legs closed for a better, more heightened sensation. Reach-arounds are easy. Plus, it’s the best middle-of-the-night sex, and everyone involved can be lazy.” —Erin A., 25

“It’s a super intimate position. I love how close together we are. It’s also great for sleepy, lazy morning sex.” —Katy B., 22

“This is a great position because it can be kind of difficult—so it requires communication and comfort. These things can be rare for me, as someone who typically has one-night stands (which consist of missionary, missionary and more missionary). The only downside: The position is so comfortable that if my partner is bad or boring I could literally fall asleep.” —Cecelia R., 21

“Great for the morning, when you’re half-asleep, turned on and want to enjoy the benefits of doggy style without too much exertion.” —Brian G., 42

“I get to cuddle and have sex at the same time—what’s not to love? Plus, his hands are free to assist.” —Sarah O., 24

Stand and Carry

“I love when a guy can hold me up while he standing. No walls. No support. It’s exhilarating. It’s primal. It takes a little bit of trust. I like holding on around his shoulders and being in the moment.” —Rachael J., 41


“I’m a bisexual woman, and recently, I’ve really only been dating women. Grinding (like cowgirl, without the penetration) is awesome because you get to face your partner, kiss and get off at the same time. It’s absolutely wonderful.” —Jasmine A., 28


4 jockey 101 People Share Their Favorite Sex Positions

Allison Kahler.

“I’m a big fan of giving and receiving oral sex. In this position, my partner stands and leans against the wall, while I sit on the ground and go to town. If done right, it can be an all-in-one stimulator before penetration, while also being a very easy transition into sex.” —Stephen H., 24


“It’s a tried-and-true classic. It lets me have control (which, let’s be honest, women don’t always get during sex) and always feels great for me. And, from what I’ve been told, it’s a pretty good view for the partner, too.” —Lauren P., 24

“For me, cowgirl is a guaranteed way to have an orgasmworks every time kinda thing. I also like that I get to feel close and connected to my partner.” —Madison G., 26

“I work in porn, and my experience has shown me that this is the best position for getting a girl off, because you can push so many of her buttons at once. I can grab her by the hair, give her a light choke, slap her a bit (if she’s into that), stimulate her clitoris, bring her close to me for some passionate kissing and control the thrust of her hips into me—all at the same time.” —Stirling C., 31

“It’s just so satisfying.” —Sam K., 23

“It makes it easier to get choked—and I like being (lightly!) choked.” —Sam D., 27

“I love all variations of the cowgirl position because I love seeing the look on my man’s face while I ride him. It makes me feel like I’m giving him a show. It’s also the easiest position for both of us to climax in, which is a win for everyone.” —Cecilia R., 23

“I like being on top because I’m in control. It’s the only way I can orgasm.” —Rebecca H., 24

“I love cowgirl because I’m in control of rhythm and depth of penetration. My favorite part of the position, though, is being able to look into my partner’s eyes. Sex feels so much more special when I can connect with my partner on an emotional level and see the love and pleasure in his gaze.” —Rachel S., 22

“Being in a position of dominance is exciting in a situation where men typically have the upper hand. Equality is important in the bedroom, too.” —Marilyn M., 24

“It allows for such deep penetration. And I like feeling more in control.” —Amy W., 26

“I like that I’m on top. I get to ride it just how I want it; I get to choose when to go fast or slow.” —Jane J., 22

“I love it when my partner gets on top of me. It allows for a more intimate embrace and sensual visuals no matter where you’re looking. It lends itself to deep eye contact (and deeper penetration). It encourages her to control the motion, depth and angle, essentially using me as a toy—and I’m fine with that.” —Jim N., 46

“I like the feeling of control I have over myself. And it allows me to orgasm more frequently.” —Anna M., 28

“I like that you can go a little slower. You also get more control and clitoral stimulation—plus all the eye contact and closeness you get in a position like missionary.” —Kayla H., 22

“In my experience, this is the best position for my partner to be able to climax. I can last forever on bottom, so she can take all the time she wants to orgasm. Afterward, she can lay on top of me, relax and cuddle; it’s usually a very euphoric moment, which is why I like it—because she’s satisfied.” —Joel B., 29

“I have total control—plus, I get the best clitoral stimulation from my partner in this position.” —Tanya D., 29

“I like being in control.” —Vinny R., 25

“I like being able to see and touch my partner’s body entirely. I also like knowing that she’s in control, because I trust she’s enjoying herself.” —Tony M., 37

“I’m in control and able to climax faster.” —Angelina H., 36

“I love to try new and adventurous positions, but classic cowgirl is one that never fails me. I’m able to control the angle in which the penis enters while playing with my clitoris, which is an instant orgasm for me. I also enjoy the perspective in which I’m viewed. I’m quite short in real life so I like that my partner is looking up at me.” —Dani M., 24

Modified Cowgirl

“I like transitioning from reverse cowgirl to sideways cowgirl to regular cowgirl—keeping the pogo stick going at all times. It’s an impressive move that will definitely wow your partner with minimal effort, and the three-in-one increases genital sensitivity, because you’re changing penetration angles as you go. (Plus, it’s kind of a hack you can use to see what feels best for you and your partner.)” —Jade S., 22

“I like cowgirl—specifically in a chair (or at least with the guy sitting up.) I have a tough time getting an O. If the guy’s sitting up, there’s lots of natural friction and easy access for a hand to slip between us if I need some help. Plus, I get to control the pace.” —Morgan F, 23

Reverse Cowgirl

“It feels the best for me and my partner. Some sex positions are painful for me, but this one isn’t at all!” —Ellen D., 24

“I like that I can control the angle of entry with this one. It’s fun to be able to do a combination of grinding and bouncing—and it makes for a great orgasm. Not to mention, it gives your man a great view if he’s an ass guy.” —Elizabeth G., 26


2 t bone 101 People Share Their Favorite Sex Positions

Allison Kahler.

“You get such deep penetration Plus, it’s a good position for one partner to augment the experience (for both!) with a vibrator.” —Mike S., 63

Prone Bone

“It’s basically modified doggy, except you’re lying face-down on the bed, and your partner is on top of you. It’s great for hitting the G-spot and stimulating the clitoris.” Lauren W., 22

“I like it because my partner can reach around and touch my clitoris, I can touch my clitoris or I can grind into the bed. I like how deep he can get, too—and how much of his face I can see if I just turn my head to the left.” —Dani L., 23

“It’s the perfect position to play a little rough. I love how both you and your partner are comfortable (not twisted in some pretzel), and you can use toys if you want. It’s a little mysterious because you’re not looking into each other’s eyes. But it’s also super intimate.” —Veronica M., 25


“I love oral sex, because to me, it’s the most intimate. 69 allows me to pleasure my partner (which I love to do) while he pleasures me.” —Ginger L., 26

“I exclusively have queer sex at this point, and 69 is my favorite way to follow-up pampering each other on our own time. It’s always sexy to transition from hyper-individualized attention to a super intimate, super reciprocal position.” —Hannah S., 23

“I just love how it feels. And I love feeling like my partner’s enjoying herself, as well.” —Pablo P., 27

Face to Face

“I like lying side by side with my partner, facing each other. This position has a lot of the advantages of doggy style (like depth and force) and a lot of the intimacy of missionary (you can actually see each other’s faces). You can go fast or slow, depending on the mood. And it’s easy to roll into other positions.” —Tyler H., 29

Mutual Masturbation

“I like to get myself off with a vibrator while getting my partner, who’s sitting in front of me, off with my hand. I like the closeness of the position—it’s very intimate, you can easily make out the entire time and it’s really warm and cozy. I also like the level of control.” —Rachel L., 25

Oral Sex

“I wasn’t able to orgasm before my boyfriend performed oral. It’s the best.” —Lily F., 24

Tied Up

“I like getting tied up and lying on my back or side, because I love to be dominated and not have to think as much. Plus, I get more clitoral stimulation this way—especially if he has a free hand!” —Anna G., 24


3 reclinic 101 People Share Their Favorite Sex Positions

Allison Kahler.

“I like cowgirl because I like to be in control when I’m intimate with men; I like reclining because I don’t like to be in control when I’m intimate with women.” —CJ S., 23

Doggy Style

“I love how deep he can go and how it makes sex feel really urgent and primal—sometimes you just need that change of pace. It also makes me feel especially sexy, because I know he loves my butt and it’s giving him quite the view. Oh, and I fully appreciate that I don’t need to contort my body to make it happen—it’s kind of the lazy woman’s way to have guaranteed hot sex, which I am all for.” —Lauren M., 28

“1. You feel really sexy. 2. You have a great chance of orgasming.” —Nicole A., 24

“I know it gets a bad rap, but it honestly feels the best for me.” —Linda B., 23

“I’m a woman who feels the need to be very in control of everything in my life, so I love that this position (and the bedroom in general) lets me give some of that control up. It is animalistic and super sexy to have my man want me in that way. It’s also an easy position for me to reclaim control when I want to; it can be as rough or as gentle as the mood is.” —Brooke L., 22

“Such a great view.” —Robert M., 22

“It offers a great angle for deep penetration and serious G-spot action. Additionally, it encourages spanking and hair pulling—and that’s definitely a plus.” —Sarah B., 24

“It’s honestly the position that feels best for me, and I just think it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes I like things a little rough, and I think doggy’s the easiest way to get ‘down and dirty.’” —Courtney C., 23

“Deep penetration and all kinds of reach-arounds.” —Deborah P., 64

“It’s a classic, and I love the deep penetration. Plus, sex is the one area of life where I actually enjoy being the submissive one.” —Nik B., 29

“The view! Apart from the obvious benefit to an ass man, the female shape tends to taper at the waist in this position. Plus, backs are nice and sexually under-appreciated. Apparently, there’s also some G-spot action that happens in that position, which seems like a good bonus.” —Harry S., 28

“Great penetration and super sexy.” —Marie F., 25

“It just makes me feel really badass.” —Danny E., 23

“It allows me to really lose myself in pleasure, rather than worrying about what faces I’m making or what my breath smells like. As a sex educator, I often feel like I should have some really elaborate favorite, but it always come back to this.” —Kirsten S., 30

“It just feels so good.” —Joe V., 23

“I especially like it when my partner grabs or spanks my ass.” —Linda Q., 25

“I like how primal this feels—especially after foreplay and other more intimate positions. I also appreciate how deep my partner can thrust, that I’m giving him control and that he has the option to throw in some spanking if he wants. The final bonus is that I have to do zero work, and laying your head down is a fantastic lazy option.” —Margaret L., 24

“It offers a great view and lends itself to roughness.” —Dennis D., 25

“If you’re creative, you’re able to get seriously close. And it’s the perfect position for us ladies to achieve a pleasant orgasm.” —Desire T., 29

“When performed with someone you’re truly comfortable with, it’s super rewarding because it hits your G-spot directly. Some women think it’s derogatory, but I think it’s a powerful thing to choose a position that makes me have an orgasm every single time.” —Andrea P., 24

“I’m an ass guy, and I like that this position makes light hair-pulling, spanking and choking even easier.” —Nelson W., 23

“You get max penetration without feeling crushed.” —Breanna M., 23

“In this position, I feel optimal penetration, no matter the ‘endowment’ of my partner. Also, not being able to see my partner’s face and being in a position where I’m being dominated makes it weirdly less personal, but like, in a hot way.” —Nat B., 22

“It’s comfortable and feels great. Plus, dogs are a man’s best friend.” —Morris M., 24

“I like transitioning from holding onto the headboard to lying on my stomach. Also, it encourages spanking!” —Madeline W., 24

“I enjoy the depth of entry—and all the contact points you have from that position. It also allows for a great back-and-forth over who controls the pace.” —Alex S., 23

“Butts. Butts everywhere.” —Bob B., 30

“This is my ‘finish him’ move. In the beginning, he may feel like he’s controlling the situation, but I switch it up by making him orgasm faster than he expected.” —Tanyka R., 30

Modified Doggy Style

“One of my go-tos is doggy style, but lying flat on my stomach. I like the angle a lot. If I want it deeper I can push myself back with my hands on the wall. I also like that I, or my boyfriend, can play with my breasts and clitoris at the same time. Plus, the fact that my boyfriend likes it is also a big turn-on.” —Shauna W., 25

“Doggy, but with my partner standing. I like seeing his hands on either side of mine and hearing his breath. I feel like it’s a very powerful and manly position, and I like being taken a little.” —Jen R., 24

“I like doggy style, but with my legs together. It offers great access to the clitoris—and gives me the chance to scream into the pillow if I need to (I get loud). My boyfriend seems to like it, too, and that’s a plus; I’m only having fun if he is.” —Laura K., 25

“I personally like to lie flat on my stomach instead of on my knees. It’s closer and more intimate and also provides extra friction. It’s my partner’s favorite, too, which doesn’t hurt either!” —Kelsey M., 25

“Definitely from behind with a mirror present, so I can see my partner. This position almost requires you to go find somewhere with a mirror, so things can get a little interesting. We all love good old missionary, but sometimes lying on your back for a while gets a little boring, so this mixes it up! Plus, the mirror allows us to see each other, making it an overall super hot moment.” —Hanna L., 23

*Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

A version of this was originally published in August 2018.