5 Sex Positions Every Gemini Should Try

5 Sex Positions Every Gemini Should Try

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Geminis are a vibrant bunch. Air signs born between May 21 and June 20, Geminis are intellectually curious, endlessly social and highly adept communicators. Their interest in other people is abundant, and few things sound more fun to them than discussing a brand new idea with someone they just met. This, unsurprisingly, translates into a pretty vast and varied dating life—and an equally vast and varied sex life—meaning Gemini-inspired sex positions are among the most adventurous around.

Geminis are down to explore just about anything, especially if it involves the spoken word. The mutable sign’s penchant for conversation is fueled by their key planet, Mercury (which, as you may well know, rules communication), so dirty talk is a definite yes. And given their flexible nature as an air sign, Geminis love to switch up positions, locations, scenarios, you name it.

As long as you keep things from skewing too slow, sensual, vanilla, etc., your Gemini should be happy. But if you’re looking for a little inspiration in the Gemini sex position department, we’ve got it. Scroll down, and get ready for a weekend full of fun.

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1. Prone

This rear-entry position is anything but boring. Lie on your stomach (lift your torso and bend your knees as need be), and invite your partner to lie or sit on top of you. From there, they can easily penetrate you from behind, and you can lift your torso higher to kiss and exchange dirty whispers as your heart desires.

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2. Split Missionary

Missionary is exactly the kind of thing Geminis love to avoid—but it’s a go-to for a reason. Keep it in your rotation while satisfying your Gemini by switching things up just a little bit.

Assume the standard missionary position, but instead of bending your knees or letting your legs lie flat, lift them in the air into a V shape (ideally in front of your partner’s body, but do what feels best for you). The altered angle will pave the way for seriously deep penetration while maintaining the classic closeness of missionary, thus allowing you to whisper, groan, moan and kiss each other as much as you want.

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3. Lotus

Have your partner sit cross-legged, and climb on top of their lap, facing them. Wrap your legs around your partner’s waist, or—if you can manage it—put drape them over your partner’s shoulders for deeper penetration.

This position will allow your communication-oriented partner to hear and deliver a veritable symphony of erotic sounds in the closest possible way. Plus, it’s possible to move from this position into others (like missionary or cowgirl/cowboy) quickly, preempting monotony.

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4. The Necklace of Venus

A sex position that’s best done anywhere but in bed, the Necklace of Venus is right up your adventurous Gemini’s alley. Sit on the edge of a countertop, couch, seat, what-have-you. From there, your partner can either stand and penetrate you or kneel and perform oral sex. In either case, you can wrap your legs around your partner to control the tempo, pace and amount of pressure—and you can lean backward or forward to do the same.

The face-to-face aspect of this position is perfect for chatty Gemini who adores hearing and delivering raunchy words while making eye contact. Plus, the go-with-the-flow sign will appreciate you taking control of things for a little bit.

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5. Casket

Ready for a challenge? The Gemini in your life certainly is.

Sit down with your arms behind you, and shift your weight onto your palms (or, lie down, and shift your weight onto your arms). From there, your partner should kneel, lift your booty and drape your legs over their shoulders. This allows your partner to penetrate you while you’re suspended in mid-air—an adventure your air sign is sure to enjoy—while also giving you both the face-to-face interaction you love.


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