The Best From-Behind Sex Positions for Bottomless Pleasure

The Best From-Behind Sex Positions for Bottomless Pleasure
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When you think of sex positions from behind, you may scratch your head at how backward penetration could stretch far beyond classic doggy style. And, I’ll be honest, I immediately (and erroneously) had the same reaction. As an avid fan of the down-on-all-fours technique, I questioned how you could possibly switch up reach-from-behind penetration for the better. I quickly realized I was overthinking it.

You see, when it comes to sex positions from behind, it’s not as much about drastic directional changes as it is all about getting deep and, in some cases, putting balance to the test. Hell, in some renditions, you can even bring in props for added pleasure. The more research I conduct on from-behind play, the more I realize I have tested many of these delightful iterations in my own life.

And that’s the beauty of these backwards sex positions: They don’t require gymnast-level flexibility to accomplish O-worthy depth—at least not all of them do. And let’s not forget: The view is pretty great for whoever is working from behind, while the other partner can relish feeling dominated and desired on a carnal level.

Whether you’re looking for new positions to test your athleticism or ways to recreate a famous movie scene, I’m here to help. Ahead, 10 sex positions from behind that might just make you rethink your go-to (and a few sex toys to help enhance the experience even further). You can thank me later.

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1. Doggy Style

I couldn’t write a guide to sex positions from behind without providing a refresher on classic doggy style. All you have to do is get on all fours on your bed, the floor, or any other surface you deem fit, and beckon your partner from behind. Experiment with the angle by either lifting or lowering your hips, and adjust your stance (by keeping your legs wide or bringing them in close) until you’re both over the moon.

And if you’d both like to get in on the from-behind action, consider bringing a butt plug to the party. This LELO Hugo remote-controlled massager will let you both reach climax in the act.


lelo hugo

Courtesy of LELO.


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2. Sea Horse

Ready to take doggy style up a notch (OK, more like seven notches)? The sea horse is waiting for you. To perform this gymnast-level move, stand with your feet on the floor bending over the edge of a chair. From there, your partner will climb on top of you to penetrate from behind and above. If you’re actually able to accomplish this, kudos to you. The penetration will be *chef’s-kiss*, but trying to stay balanced will be quite the feat.


CalExotics Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Thrusting Rabbit

Courtesy of CalExotics.

If your partner can’t balance atop your bum the way this position requires, but you’re still hoping to score the swooned-over penetration it promises, try a self-thrusting vibrator. The CalExotics Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Self-Thrusting Vibe
can be used at a similar angle.


sex positions from behind

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3. Pleasure Punishment

If you work out a lot, there’s a good chance you have an exercise ball lying around your house. Whether you want to test out this exercise-inspired position between sets or surprise your partner after a long day, I have a funny feeling that neither of you will consider it punishment.

To enjoy this move, bend over your exercise ball and place your hands on the ground to provide a bit more balance. Once in place, have your partner come in from behind for a feeling you won’t soon forget. Since the ball is pressing against your (or your partner’s — depending on who’s where) abdomen, it will help increase access to the G-spot, creating more friction and a higher chance of climax. Of course, you’ll have to activate your core so that you don’t roll away in the process.

STYLECASTER | Best Backward Sex Positions

Courtesy of URBNfit.

And in case you don’t happen to have an exercise ball lying around but don’t want to miss out on this core-strengthening position, this stable ball
is a great option whether you’re a beginner or a bona fide pro.


sex positions from behind

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4. Penguin

Animal-inspired sex seems to be a theme. Though I’ll admit, I don’t think of penguins when I see or replicate this pose. Climb up on a sturdy table (or instruct your partner to) and sit with your bum dangling ever-so-slightly over the edge. From there, have your partner come up from below and behind to help you lift off into climax. If anal penetration is the goal, the pros say that the penguin is a particularly well-angled position to consider.

STYLECASTER | Best Backward Sex Positions

Courtesy of Ella Paradis.

In case you and your partner want to add a bit more stimulation to this from-behind position (whether you’re going at it vaginally or anally), the Better Love Better Touch vibe is perfect for clitoral pleasure and is easy to use, so your partner won’t lose focus while they’re doing two things at once.


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5. Depth

Hi, hello, this is a world-wide fave. And for good reason! By laying on your stomach and lifting one leg, your partner will be able to penetrate deeply without requiring loads of flexibility in the process. That’s what we call a win-win, folks.

STYLECASTER | Best Backward Sex Positions

Courtesy of Ella Paradis.

This multifunctional U-shaped couple’s toy stimulates both partners a wide variety of different ways—whether it be on top of, in, under, against or in between and it makes a great addition to just about any position—especially Depth.


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6. Milk Chocolate

Fans of deep penetration and roughly zero flexibility will swoon over this sex position from behind. The penetrating partner should sit on a chair while the other partner sits on top and drapes over like a rag doll. Why is this called milk chocolate? Who knows. But one thing’s for sure: The angle is delicious.

STYLECASTER | Best Behind Sex Positions

Courtesy of Ohnut.

If you’re hoping to achieve deeper penetration but are worried about pain in the process, ease into it with Ohnut Buffer Ring Set
. The comfy sex toy—which is made of four squishy rings—acts as a buffer that can be tailored while you work your way up to the depth of your dreams.


cobra sex position

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7. Cobra

Here’s another way to feel maximum pressure and penetration without having to put in loads of stretching beforehand. Like the sea horse, start by bending over the arm of a chair or couch. This time, however, have your partner straddle your legs, bend your knees, and hold your feet up behind their thighs. The added feet-off-the-ground maneuver will put more pressure on your abdomen, which will help edge your penetration source towards your front wall. In other words, get ready to climax.

STYLECASTER | Best From Behind Sex Positions

Courtesy of Comfort Home.

For extra support and anti-slippage, try using a half-moon non-slip pillow
. The best part is that you can also use this for deeper penetration is missionary and doggy style too.


star wars sex position image

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8. Star Wars

If you have a wonderful sense of direction, love of all things Princess Leia and Han Solo, and are up for a serious challenge, check out this Star Wars-inspired sex position. Lay on your back with your arms beneath you, leveraging your weight to prop yourself up. From there, have your partner get down on all fours and back up towards you so that they can penetrate you from behind in reverse. It’s tricky, but fans of the move say it’s well worth the set-up.

Liberator blanket The Best From Behind Sex Positions for Bottomless Pleasure

Courtesy of Liberator.

To be honest, this dual-sided moisture-wicking “sex blanket”
is perfect for any position because it’s designed to soak up “liquids” quickly, so it’s perfect for sweaty sex or well, squirting.


iron throne sex position

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9. Iron Throne

Dig the idea of reverse, backward penetration but can’t get on board with the Star Wars theme? Perhaps this “Game of Thrones”-inspired position will stroke your G-spot. Get on all fours and gently lower your shoulders down to the ground so that your hands are no longer holding you up. From there, have your partner penetrate wherever y’all please. It will resemble them sitting on the Iron Throne, except you’re the throne. (Just be sure to stretch your neck a bit before this because sitting in this position for long periods deff looks like it could cause a kink—and not the fun kind.)

STYLECASTER | sex positions from behind

Courtesy of Southern Butter.

For an even ~smoother~ sexscapade, give your backdoor area a little extra TLC with this multipurpose intimate salve. Infused with a slew of moisturizing and soothing ingredients including plantain and Vitamin E, Backdoor Balm is the perfect pre and post-sex solution to heal tears and soften tissues.


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10. Jamaican Cocktail

Looking for a way to maximize depth without taking away the ability for a little clitoral action? This orgasmic position features all the best parts of doggy style while putting your clit well within reach. Simply assume the usual doggy position, and then extend one of your legs while your partner braces your weight with their leg.

STYLECASTER | Sex Positions From Behind

Courtesy of Ella Paradis.

If you prefer more “rumbly” clitoral stimulation over manual rubbing, consider adding the Ella Paradis Rosy Gold Curve Massager to your sex toy arsenal. The lightweight vibrator makes reaching your bits less of a challenge, plus it boasts 10 vibration settings.

A version of this story was originally published in March 2020.

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