What Your Job Says About Your Sex Life: Study

What does your job say about your sex life? Nothing, right? Well, according to mobile dating and chat app, Clover, your career choice can say a lot about the frequency you partake in sexy times—or lack of time, if you happen to be a doctor or lawyer. It also says a lot about the type of relationship you are on the hunt for.

What does your career say about your sex life?


Clover analyzed data from 33,000 of its users across the U.S. to determine how career choices impact the types of relationships people seek out, and the results are pretty eye-opening.

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According to Clover’s data, doctors and lawyers are the most likely to seek friendships, while actors and engineers are after hookups, and journalists, teachers, police officers, and musicians want to keep it casual. Those seeking something longterm were likely to hold down a job in accounting, nursing, design, or at a pharmacy. Go figure.


Infographic: Courtesy of Clover

Make of that what you will, though you probably won’t be alone in giving your pharmacist a second look, and remember the app has probably only looked at what users are willing to say they’re looking for on a public profile, which might not lineup with their real intentions. We’re onto you, accountants.

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