Italian Artist Creates Sex Guide Starring Anna Wintour and Homer Simpson

Perrie Samotin

Homer Simpson Anna Wintour Vogue Illustrated Erotic Advice Art Satire Portrait Cartoon Illustration Fashion Luxury Sex Humor Chic by aleXsandro Palombo

Here’s something to make your Thursday afternoon infinitely better: Italian artist AleXsandro Palombo has created an erotic sex guide starring Anna Wintour and Homer Simpson.

Laughing yet?

Titled ‘Illustrated Erotic Advice with Homer Simpson and Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour’ the cheeky Kama Sutra-style sex guide—featured on the artist’s blog Humor Chic—is complete with sketches of the two engaged in various kinky acts including role play, submission and foot fetishism (aw, Homer is reading Vogue while, um, engaged in the act—an obvious turn-on for Anna).

Artist aleXsandro was previously a knitwear designer who showed at Milan Fashion Week, but he’s now focused on creating subversive posts for his blog.

“Homer Simpson is the perfect embodiment of the average man today with all his frustrations, desires and weaknesses. He is also The Male Chauvinist. Similarly, Anna Wintour is the embodiment of the liberated women, a woman of power. She represents the ideal feminist,” the artist told the Daily Mail. 

“They are the two opposites of the same coin and represent a good part of the society in which we live. That’s why I thought they were two figures of interest to interpret this role playing game. Both are definitely having fun.”

Well, we think this is pretty spectacular, though we’re thinking Marge Simpson should get a turn in the adulterous sexual spotlight, too. Which one of fashion’s leading men would you pair her up with?