Sex and The City Set: Spoiler Alert


With New York Fashion Week over, we’ve finally found some time to grab a few more peeks at the Sex and the City set, and while the heavily ’80s inspired looks seem to have subsided, this shot may or may not be an even more intense jaw-dropper.

Kim Catrall was spotted on-set in character as Samantha Jones, donning a white wedding gown plus veil.

Sure, she looks great: ’50s inspired-do, deep red lips et al…but seriously? The queen of sleeping with all of Manhattan until she has to travel to outer-boroughs (yikes) is getting married? We remember a time when she was leaving her perfect sex-in-a-bottle boyfriend in Los Angeles because, and I quote: “Honey, I love you, but I love me more.”

The obvious questions remain: who is she marrying…and if not Smith, who could she possibly love more than herself? We’re (or I’m) sort of hoping that she has turned lesbian again a la season four. Very chic en vogue right now, just saying.

While we try to figure this out, here’s a shot of Carrie Bradshaw strutting down a sidewalk in true New York style.


We know what you’re thinking, we want to emulate too. Take a trip into StyleCaster‘s shop and check out the items we’ve picked to copy the look.

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See you on set…in your new duds, of course.